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Blessed7 Apr 21 2012, 12:21am says:

Gnomi , I would like to replace galadriel in the war of the ring, put another hero that does not break the game, I thought Legolas, I like your game but it is not possible to play = /, can help me do this?

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Blessed7 Apr 19 2012, 10:07am says:

hello ,you know any models W3D converter? I want to change some of the models rotwk =]

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Blessed7 Apr 11 2012, 5:57pm replied:

you can not answer what I think about Haldir. not think he's the most important, simply like the character, and I know he is not insignificant. for what reason you offend me?and the second time, I offended you at some time? no need this, I'm sorry if I offended you =]

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Blessed7 Apr 11 2012, 11:51am replied:

you call Haldir insignificant, and wants to talk about the Lothlorien faction?
I think you do not want to see improvements to them, I think you despise them ,why should I consider your comments?

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Blessed7 Apr 11 2012, 10:29am replied:

Imladrins are the fastest, they have a magic to it. I played with other factions.

The barracks are easily destroyed by hordes, they kill 3 on 3, and are very numerous, with two assaults destroy.
no matter how strong will kill one by one and take damage in constructions, and matter of time for them to fall.

Towers are very expensive and slow to build, while invest in defense, my enemy wins building farm economy and attacks.

True castle has good abilities, but not good building without recourse to invest in the economy, and matter of time I'm weak economically, practically suicide. And not only question of attack and defense, the Economic problem,

About the levels of the hero, the pc (brutal) surrender, when he sees that can not win, so my army not be powerful, it is intelligent. (He does this not to be farmed).

You do not like the war of the ring? is what I like. Could not use the system That Works with Them?

wanted to see everything right, sorry to bother you guys, this was my last comment =[

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Blessed7 Apr 11 2012, 9:59am replied:

I really had forgotten, not play with them, not seen them using, I thought had taken excluded, thanks for explaining

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Blessed7 Apr 10 2012, 11:56pm says:

I thought because the ring has been set for them, but it is not!, looked hero by hero, only Galadriel, and Dark witch king (mordor), cause breaks in the game, are the factions that I like, so I thought before it happened with all
Gnomi, I think this can be fixed XD

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Blessed7 Apr 10 2012, 10:07pm replied:

Lothlorien must be stealthy. Not even use walls as may be defensive? they need to speed
They are the most dependes a castle, but this requires much time and money with manufacturer slower not possible that, if you already start with a castle, and possibly try to do what you say.
But the units that you said, are Mirkwood, are fast same, but are difficult to make, and costly, and disappear after the battle.

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Blessed7 Apr 10 2012, 9:05pm replied:

I do not agree with your opinion, but I respect. and I think you could have done the same

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Blessed7 Apr 10 2012, 8:20pm says:

a serious problem in the war of the ring, breaking the game after a RTS battle with the heros who can use the ring, with or without ring breaks the game by selecting them on the map T_T, it always happens

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Blessed7 Apr 10 2012, 5:36pm says:

and could increase the experience in the war of the ring, because I finish the game but never get a maximum with hero

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Blessed7 Apr 10 2012, 5:33pm says:

with Imladris , think it would be great to join other units as was done for the magicians, and separate Eldorir \Elladan as done Orophin/Rúmil

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Blessed7 Apr 10 2012, 5:29pm says:

sure =]
the builder of Lothlorien is very slow, it delays the construction leaving no recourse, and not able to escape attacks.
and very difficult to defend the trees by not having cavalry, it would help them to move more quickly through the trees or the trees have a smaller radius to be closer to each other, or a new ability to speed even if it reduces damage and defense only to move rapidly.
Ents are very slow, Lothlorien makes it the slowest of all, in every way .. = /, very difficult to grow
Goblins have no cavalry, but it has its tunnels to move fast.
and the cost / benefit Galadhrim is not good
update of the vision and range of bows does not work.

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Blessed7 Apr 10 2012, 3:59pm says:

Gnomi , and what I commented?

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Blessed7 Apr 9 2012, 9:05pm says:


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Blessed7 Apr 9 2012, 9:03pm says:

my favorites *_*

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Blessed7 Apr 9 2012, 9:02pm says:

but it would be perfect if they could move separately as orophin and Rúmil

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Blessed7 Apr 9 2012, 8:52pm says:

excellent congratulations! you guys did a lot of what I would like to see in the game. * __ *
pretty cool factions with their own strategies, so much fun I never tire of playing.
I found very cool style of the new hero of the ring, but when I pick up the ring in the War of the Ring, the game crashes when I select the hero on the map, and sometimes it happens even without the ring T_T. if the hero is attacked it does not appear in battle, it only happens to me? Ring continues the hero?
Another thing some units disappear after the battle, is this normal?

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