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Tales of Middle-Earth

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Excellent game. Units are have amazing detail. I don't like the design of the Elven buildings but hey, that's just opinion. I haven't noticed any glaring glitches.

**Just a few problems...

After opening the game a few times, it stopped playing 'Lord of the Rings main theme' and replaced it with the standard medley. I suppose that if I reinstalled it, it would work just fine but I'm far too lazy.

I noticed that Rohan, as an AI, will build the Hornburg rather than the standard castle for that type of civilization. When I attempt to play as Rohan, I only build the standard castle.

**Just a few recommendations....

I like the wargs, but they would even be better as warg riders. And some soundbytes for them would be nice.

A 'Heroes' overhaul? It would be nice to have all our favorite heroes and villains with behemoth stats.

Is there anyway to replace the villagers sprite for certain civilizations? It would be pretty neat to have 'orc workers' or at least 'slaves' for the evil civs.

sure, catapult and ballista towers are nice... But... Nothing is as awesome as a trebuchet tower.

I think a grey-colored cliff to go along with the brown would be really nice.

Foot-Nazgul? I was kinda hoping there would be a mounted version *and* a foot-version.


Tales of Middle earth is an amazing concept and even better mod. Although I was slightly disappointed that there wasn't quite as many unique units and buildings, I'm not going to complain because this is what I've been waiting for for years. Even though there's a couple problems and missing ideas that make it perfect, there's no excuse as to why the guys who modded this deserve anything LESS than a 10.

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