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Black__Mesa Apr 16 2013, 11:23pm replied:

Great, thanks for answering all my questions, I know I shouldn't be bother someone who has so much work to do. I have just one more suggestion/comment/question.

Are the units re-scripted? I've played a 4v4 hard match with every civ on every match and civs play much differently. They'll produce one type of unit. Sometimes they crank out banner-bearers, maybe trolls. Most of the time it's light cavalry, which brings me to my suggestion.

Someone commented that they wanted civs to produce units natural to said civ (mordor should mass produce snaga, Rohan should make horsemen, and so on). Especially on matches against mordor, civ's will go for units that DON'T cost gold. So I suggest eliminating the cost of gold from snaga, and making them a little bit cheaper. They'll be so much more fun to mow through with Eorlingas.

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Black__Mesa Apr 14 2013, 6:49pm replied:

Sorry; can't edit. I was looking through your home page on AOK and it looks like you'll be creating an easterlings civ, that's great!

One more question... are mumuk archer tower's supposed to be garrison-able?

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Black__Mesa Apr 14 2013, 6:28pm says:

I have on request, if you ever have time to create another sprite. I was really looking forward to seeing the pike weilding haradrims.. Or easterlings... I can't remember where their origin is.

-I noticed another small flaw. In 'Alliance with Easterlings' for Harad, there are no Balcloth raiders.

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Black__Mesa Apr 3 2013, 12:33pm replied:

There is a standard patch for the conquerors. I believe ( ) is the latest version. I don't recommend using the source I provided, mostly because I haven't used it and don't know if it's safe or not. If you want to run ToME smoothly at all, you'll need the conquerors patch.

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Black__Mesa Apr 3 2013, 8:02am replied:

This same thing happened to me before I installed the patch. Have you installed it, Warhust93? Before I installed the patch I couldn't play Harad, Mordor, Misty Mountains, or Gondor. Once I installed the patch it was all fixed.

On a side note, the game *is* much better after the patch, but there were buildings in the pre-patch version that were much cooler than the actual beta version. The Rohan-type civilizations had Helms-Deep as a castle, and the Elven civilizations had grey/blue buildings that were elgantly designed. I'm going to be frank, I don't like the current design of the Elven civilizations.

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Black__Mesa Dec 24 2012, 10:49pm replied:

To get my c-patch to work, I had to uninstall the conquerors and then reinstall it. Then download the c-patch again. Didn't take me more than 10 minutes, and everything worked perfectly after that.

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Black__Mesa Dec 19 2012, 8:55pm says:

Works amazingly as long as the patch is properly installed. Most fun I've had with the conquerors in a long time.

To anyone having trouble playing TOME:

If you do not have the C-patch installed, Uninstall the conquerers, then reinstall it.

Download the C-patch ( I downloaded it from aok; just google c patch {Moddb won't let me post it here because I'm a new member; perfectly understandable})

Then re-download TOME from here. Works perfectly, all the units in line.

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