The insane duo of two teenage girls from Palmdale High School, attempting to conquer the gaming world. Ok not really. We're really just two fun loving girls in a video game design class with one crazy teacher. This page is the real story, while Anchovieanteaters (we know, our teacher is kind of lame) is our gradable one. Our assignment: to create a sprite game based on an actual modern one. Our decision: Wolf 3D to Starcraft II. We're promised tears, late nights, cat fights, and *headdesk* moments. We're sure we can handle it though. Are you down?

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So our teacher has us all scrambling to make logos and banners. I'm the kind of kid who has been screwing with Photoshop and a little with Illustrater (didn't understand why vector until i got into high school) since 3rd or 4th grade. My logo and banners are done for both this page and the AnchovieAnteaters one. I didn't want anything complicated, just simple, which is something I think I achieved.
He wants the banner on our profile page to be about our game. I already figured out this thing enough to know thats not quite how it goes. So me, in my infinite wisdom, decided to make a game page and put it on there. Haha. Infinite wisdom? That was a really bad idea. I can't figure out how to delete it either. Its just going to be like, well...yea I know it doesn't fit your guidelines, but hey...I don't think there's a way to delete, sorry about that. But the page looks nice. At least the page looks nice.
Brooke isn't here either. So that's half the duo of insanity missing...and this class is a drag without her. It is sometimes with her too. But its worse without her. So I decided to update this blog. Last Friday we figured out editting Wolf3D is going to be so much easier than DOOM. FloEdit is the main program to use. And the sprites are basic. We just have to figure out how to rip stuff from Starcraft II, which Brooke totally has covered. I'm going to start drawing out maps. So I think we're going to have this thing rolling.


The Beginning

The Beginning

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