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Barry_Lyndon Feb 17 2013, 3:57am says:

Just when I thought it was starting to look amazing before! Now you go and do this!! :D

+4 votes   media: Bridge rebuilt
Barry_Lyndon Jan 28 2013, 6:28pm replied:

Your work is f*****ing amazing my friend. If you can be on the bridge of the ship during the entire landing sequence that would be so awesome and epic. Outside views would be cool as an option too, but the thought of actually being able to be on the bridge and experience the ship crashing through the atmosphere all the way to the surface of the planet almost puts a tear in my eye :,D even if there has to be a few loading screens during it :P (even with loading screens its probably not possible with the engine but I will keep dreaming anyway XD )

+1 vote   media: Brave New World
Barry_Lyndon Dec 12 2012, 9:02pm says:


+2 votes   media: Activated Platform
Barry_Lyndon Dec 12 2012, 8:59pm says:

Wow man, I really love watching your work improve as this mod comes along, this chamber is looking VERY GOOD. It all has the right mood and feel to it. It needs some haze or mist and the ceiling looks like it could use some work but I am impressed.

+1 vote   media: Nav chamber2
Barry_Lyndon Nov 21 2012, 12:05am replied:

Agreed the backpacks really look great and are well detailed. They could use a water bottle or 2 more though, most pictures of infantry grunts on the move often show soldiers carrying 2, sometimes 3 water bottles. Its a precious commodity for the infantryman on the battlefield. ;D

+2 votes   media: A Backpacker's Dream.
Barry_Lyndon Nov 15 2012, 2:54am says:

Wow that looks great!

+3 votes   media: Forecastle deck, sneak peak.
Barry_Lyndon Oct 25 2012, 1:20am says:

I like this picture a lot, I like the mood and the atmosphere you've created here. The stalagmites could use a little work but the rock wall textures are really improving.

+1 vote   media: caves
Barry_Lyndon Oct 14 2012, 3:26am says:

Damn now that's cool! Great work man, its looking better all the time!

+1 vote   media: Tech Hall
Barry_Lyndon Sep 14 2012, 5:06pm says:

This is just absurd. That anyone thinks they have the right to stop someone from creating something that they truly love, **** WARNER BROS. I refuse to purchase any game or film that has any involvement with Warner Bros until this has been turned around and made right. Everything in this video is absolutely correct and I support you guys to the fullest extant.

+5 votes   media: Game Cannon Interview with MEB and Alasdair
Barry_Lyndon Sep 11 2012, 7:22pm replied:

:D sounds really great! Its probably impossible, but how awesome would it be to be on the ship while its landing on the planet, rocketing through the clouds, rain, and lightening.

+1 vote   media: Star Journey
Barry_Lyndon Sep 10 2012, 1:59am says:

That looks really awesome.. i just want to be able to walk around the whole inside of the Prometheus free roam style while its in space and while its on the ground preferably :D

+1 vote   media: Star Journey
Barry_Lyndon Sep 7 2012, 3:59pm says:

This mod looks great BTW and so does the model and texture's of Helm's Deep. But, the interior layout of the Hornburg Courtyard isn't quite right here. Im quite well acquainted and familiar with the architecture of Helm's Deep and many other locations of Middle Earth as I've been obsessed with Tolkien for years and have built multiple scale models of more than a few locations which I researched extremely thourougly. Please contact me if you would like some blueprints or other architectural input or assistance.

+1 vote   media: Hornburg (WIP)
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