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Autumn Aurora 2

Mod review

Kill Fun Yeah

Game review

Third Age - Total War

Mod review - 1 agrees

it is a great mod, beutiful graphics and animation. but as all the other mods, it has its flaws (if its written correctly).
But it is a great game, and i reccomend it for every LoTR fans.


Cry of Fear

Game review

It is the most beutiful half-life modification, that i have ever, ever, seen in my entire life! Great graphics, great story, scares are not too cheap, inersive, freaky atmosphere. Etc.
Well it is some flaws in this mod, i didnt like the combat. But that made the moment when you got your first gun, soo much better.
I can only say that i havent been this scared by a game (it does deserve to be called a full on game) since Silent Hill 2. Everything in this game is made by the developers, nothing is from original half-life. this game deserves 10/10. and it better be MOTY 2012, cant wait for more content, and the Steam standalone, thank you for a beutiful mod, Team Psykskallar, props to you.