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Arthmoor @ All Natural 1.32

Version 1.2

* Added new cells to the filter for OCR Chorrol.
* All meshes have been reoptimized with PyFFI 2.1.7.
* Updated filter support for Shezrie's Towns. Note that Shezrie's Villages are no longer supported.
* Trimmed lighting overload in the Chorrol Fighters Guild.
* Weather boxes for rain and snow effects have been added to all windowed interiors in Chorrol.
* Full interior support has now been completed for Shivering Isles.
* Fixes for Weynon Priory and the abandoned house in Cheydinhal.
* Added moon phase based night luminance modification option for Tamriel. (SI doesn't have moons)
* Fixed fast weather bugs in Tamriel and SI weather scripts that were introduced in 1.1.
* Fixed a bug in the windowless interior thunder sounds script.
* Fixed a few ini typos.

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Arthmoor @ Feldscar

Version 1.0.2

* Added a stage to the Sedor Job quest to add the Jorundr topic if the player has not yet started Two Sides of the Coin.
* Fixed condition checks on Sedor Job to give the proper journal entry when Arnora dies in Two Sides of the Coin.
* Fixed a minor bug in the generic dialogue that triggered the Dunmer quest if you met them outside of Feldscar first.
* Paths for the painting nifs have been changed.
* Added a bow to the choices of weapons Stronmund will forge for you.
* Added a couple of extra road signs on routes through the southern mountains.
* Removed the bandit spawns from Two Decker Camp, replaced them with a small legion detachment.
* The torches in the tomb have been updated with an improved version where the torches won't fall out of the holders.
* Fixed collision on the Nord tomb tiles, thanks to Phitt.

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Arthmoor @ Feldscar

Version 1.0.1

* Corrected an issue with a quest element involved a jail cell in the Imperial City which was refusing to stay closed.
* Corrected an issue with Valthyn in one of the later stages of his quest that would cause Mage Guild members to get expelled from the guild.

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Arthmoor @ All Natural - Weather

No need to download it from Nexus - though if you tried to get it when it was last updated it was probably still pending authorization.

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