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0 comments by Templarfreak on Feb 11th, 2014

I'm gonna try and do ... Something here to help out. Spreading the word can really do that. This is a very, very important thing. I really can't explain it well, but this video does it EXTREMELY well.

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0 comments by Templarfreak on Dec 16th, 2013

*Drool* Good music *Drool*


There's SO MUCH MORE, but these are my favorites.

Approaching Nirvana is a small 2-man group. I don't know a whole lot about them, as I have only recently started listening. Whenever I take the time to learn more, I might edit this blog with more info.

In the mean time, I'll talk about the music. It's great electro/dubstep, real electro/dubstep. This isn't the generic WUB shit, this is actually very complex music that you have to listen to multiple times to hear everything, to fully experience it, and to feel the emotions it's giving you.

Report abuse Rockstar Games, ignore this:

0 comments by Templarfreak on Sep 26th, 2013

Rockstar Games, ignore this: Change.org

Here is my Petition: Change.org

The Petition I am asking for Rockstar Games to ignore is nothing but childish stupidity, setting a bad example for gamers world-wide, and would be a very bad decision on Rockstar Games' behalf if they decided to listen to them. PC Gamers are by-far Rockstar's biggest LOYAL fanbase, who will continue to buy Rockstar games for years to come. I for one never knew a single real gamer who had Vice City on the PS2, but they had it on PC. I also had Vice City on PC. San Andreas was the same.

Not only is the petition in question childish and disrespectful to both Rockstar Games and fellow gamers of all countries and languages, but it is also selfish and bully-like tactics. Behavior like this is what continues to put the Gaming Community down and give Gamers a bad reputation. I realize this will never be stopped, people will always be rude, ignorant and disrespectful. It is human nature.

Truly, the only difference between PC and Console gaming in general is our controls. There are many other details that can be gotten into, such as the expenses. This is highly arguable and no real evidence has ever been given, to my knowledge. Yet we still treat each other as aliens, or as if we're in Civil War. Things like this does not improve our situation as a whole.

Onto the supposed subject of the Petition itself, it states: "So PC Gamers learn their lesson and stop stealing games"

There are many different kinds of Software Pirates, and most of them are not bad. One in which they pirate the game to test out the software, go through the whole thing, than give support to the original developer by donating or buying a copy afterwords.

The only bad pirate is the one that pirates the game with no intention of ever giving back to the developer. Piracy is like the one in question who wrote the other petition, they'll never stop and they can never be stopped. Nothing can be done about it, not raising prices, not lowering prices, not putting things on sale, not giving special codes that can only be used once, not DRM, not even Always Online. All of these things can be gotten around one way or another, and no one will ever know when it's been done until it's too late. Piracy isn't only possible on PC, nor is it the easiest method. Piracy can still be done on the XBox 360, and the PS3. The PS3 is significantly harder, though. As for the XBox, some simple changes in software will allow one to even play pirated games over XBox Live.

Finally, onto how Rockstar Games should react to this. Long story short, they need to just ignore it. They can't punish a large majority of their returning fan base because of some issues with PC. They as well distribute GTA games over Steam and Moddb, some of the best Gaming Communities out there. Rockstar Games shouldn't have to worry, nor do I think they are worrying, about Piracy. They have one of the most loyal fanbases out there. Which is rare these days, because so many developers and publishers are losing fans due to highly stupid decisions. If Rockstar Games were to do this, they'd start heading down that road and lose fans as well.

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0 comments by Templarfreak on Sep 5th, 2013

I don't know, I haven't gotten enough info on Syria's side to know if this is the right decision...But as I've heard, all of congress is in agreement with Obama...

I don't know if this is just another way for the U.S. to stick their giant shlong between the Middle Eastern cheeks, or not...

One thing is clear, I've heard a lot about how bad the current Syrian leader is. So maybe this is for the best.

I just wonder when things will finally go down the shitter, and I, nor anyone else for that matter, will be able to communicate to a community like this that is so great, helpful, informative, and entertaining.

I'm not a person for big huge walls of text, this is about all my thoughts on this.

Anyone out there reading this from Syria?

Report abuse Hope you got your Shit Umbrella, more Shit Storms comming in.

0 comments by Templarfreak on Aug 22nd, 2013

They won't stop, we all know this. So we can't either. Vote against it, vote against all of it, vote the fuckers out of office and put good people in.

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0 comments by Templarfreak on Jul 2nd, 2013

I can't actually figure out how to input these "IFrame" videos, but oh my god...

This is absolutely amazing, and it's called yellowBird.


I don't have anything else to say other than this is absolutely amazing...There's no way to describe it in any other way possible.

2 comments by Templarfreak on May 30th, 2013

Just...Just watch, read, and laugh at how stupid bill-makers are getting these days.


Report abuse My opinion on Used Games has changed, and ideas for Developers.

0 comments by Templarfreak on May 30th, 2013

TotalHalibut - Used Games

Steam can be a a huge distribution method, I feel like the consumer on Steam should have the ability to sell the games they bought back to the developer, so people can buy that used, discounted copy from the developer. Edit: Maybe for it being "Used", the CD Key can't be used for online play due to it already being activated.

Ad space for Servers in games can help a lot for server support. This would have to be tinkered with.

Microsoft and Sony should develop a platform like Steam for the next-gen consoles.

With Valve hopefully making a console soon, they can help the Console-market with Used Games sale, again combined with the consumer being able to sell the game they don't want anymore back to the original developer or publisher.

Report abuse Buildable Pavement in RA2 OMG!!

2 comments by Templarfreak on Apr 30th, 2013

It's very simple to set up, it is!

Firstly, you need to set all the basic flat terrain (Not cliffs, water or waterfalls) to this

Morphable = True

This tag does 2 things, it stops the tile from changing it's height and it stops other tiles from overriding it.

Next, copy the entry for GAPAVE from Tiberian Sun from Rules.ini and Art.ini and paste it over to RA2. Next, make sure the ToTile= tag is set to Pvclr01 so it doesn't look ugly. If you set it to PAVE01, it doesn't edge out the Terrain.

This works in RA2, and YR and allows pavement to be placed on most flat terrain just like in TS!

Pavement on Desert - Mod DB

Report abuse The Harm of DRM and Always Online

2 comments by Templarfreak on Apr 13th, 2013

List of videos, every one of them saying the reasons why DRM and Always Online is fucking horrible. There is nothing that can fight against these reasons, any arguments against them is pathetic.

Two about the same thing recently posted.

The main problem of Copyright Protection to this magnitude on Software is that you don't even own the Software in the first place, and the company that created or produced it has the right to suspend your "Software License" with no given reason, at any time. Now although some games do Always Online fairly well, such as StarCraft II not requiring you to be always online to play the Singleplayer Campaign and having Guest accounts that can be played offline without having to even connect to Battle.net in the first place, most just make it a nuisance and horrible for the consumer, that payed for a product.