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I need to slap my own face right now. Why the hell have I missed this!? Why the hell have I missed Total War. Yeah, so, I didn't like Medieval 2 Total War for some reason. I didn't like it, although I knew that by logic I should have liked it and even loved it. I'm a great fan of the Middle Ages and Medieval Total War should have been right upp my anal, but no, I just didn't like it.

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Therefore, I never paid any attention to the subsequent Total War games either. Naah, why should I, when I hated Medieval!? Yeah so, a couple of weeks ago, I bought Empire Total War just to pass the time a bit, and because there was a sale on Steam and I got Napoleon too. Well, why not try it out, because the waiting for Skyrim is driving me nutters and I need something to do?

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I actually ran Napoleon first and ended up hating that one too. Yes! Although I'm a great fan of Napoleon and his era. When I was about fifteen they even called me Napoleon at school, because I knew everything about him, his time period and the Napoleonic Wars. I ended up hating his game. Shit! What a bad game series, I thought, there's no hope in this crap whatsoever!

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Then, last and I thought least, I tried Empire Total War, and I fell in fucking love. What the hell does this game have that the others don't? I mean, I'm spending hours each day playing this game, and I've even gone as far as to call it the greatest strategy game since Civilization 1. All that masculine, hardcore brutality of the Medieval Ages and man's man Napoleon have nothing on the 18th century when even military uniforms were gay.

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Screenshots all by me. Try out the DarthMod, for the best ETW experience ever! Now sod off from my page and go play Empire Total War instead.

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