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anjinanhut Jul 28 2012, 5:26pm replied:

"Thats total BS its like you think all people who self harm are going to look at this trailer and come to the very stretched and contrived reasoning that it reinforces a stigma that isn't even there (in the trailer). Well no that isn't what is going to happen in fact the only people who have come to this conclusion so far is you guys.
Your looking for something that isn't even there."
- well, I worked for a year in a psychiatric clinic (some alternative to military service here in germany). And it is well documented that the stigma does exist. I worked with people who are seriously suffering by the social repercussions that come with having scarred arms. If you haven't experienced those kind of marginalization and stigma with self-harm yourself or know someone who has, that is great. I wish you nothing bad at all. But it is very self-centered to conclude from your experiences or knowledge that you know all there is to know. It is also very dangerous, especially when making such assertions about sensitive subjects with people involved who are under serious psychological stress, have social problems and sometimes even contemplate suicide. So, what you say isn't there, is very much there. It's not some wild guess, or me telling others how they should feel.

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anjinanhut Jul 28 2012, 5:24pm replied:

"You can try to squirm around this all you want but that's basically what happened. Gazornplat STILL hasn't replied to my last comment and this only gives more credence to my conclusion because it makes it seem like he only wanted to talk to people who would get really mad and swear and cuss and scream at him."
- Logical fallacy. You put up a claim, you have to prove it. You can't just shift the burden of proof to garzon, demanding that he comments to disprove your claims and then call it a win if he ignores you. How about I say, that I got a picture of you where your drunk and give yourself a *******, which is now true until you explicitly deny that. Since answering this post will take you a few minutes, and maybe you don't address my claim at all, it will be true for some time. See how this ******** does not work?

"Also its actually pretty offensive to me someone who used to self harm almost everyday that all the people writing these articles have never actually self harmed before. And your all telling ME what i should be offended about?"
- I don't think suffering from a situation is a necessary prerequisite to be allowed to do something about it. But I respect your critique here. When you say, you are offended I have to take it at face value, because you are the only one in the position to judge that. It is not my intend to offend you and I don't think you deserve to be offended. And therefore I apologize. I also now assume that you have done self-harm yourself. If that's a wrong assumption, please correct me.

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anjinanhut Jul 28 2012, 5:23pm replied:

"Its not a lousy trap because just like he used the comments in the last article you will apparently do so too."
- I will not use the comments… the comments themselves are the subject of the article, including my own and garzon's. So people will be able to judge for themselves how things are. Especially because I will of course provide links to the original conversations, so it's not edited by me.

"Again that proves that you are continuing to post inflammatory comments for use in your article in order to represent team psykiller and its fans in a negative light."
- somebody replying to criticism with "******" is not a question of light. I admit that my comments are provokative, but that is wbecause I call things like they are. It is shameful behaviour, so I call it shameful. That feels bad, I know. But I'm not going to sugarcoat it.

"Even though we all know that the only reason he and us posted those replies was because gazornplat continued to spam inflammatory comments even after we asked him to stop. Even when his article was already done with."
- I would start an argument with you on that. But since the protocol clearly shows, that rumpel's homophobic remarks, his deleting of critical comments and his derogatory attempts at silencing garzon all happen waaaaayyy before garzon lost his good manners… what you assert "all of you know" has nothing to do with what actually occured. And even if, nobody forced rumpel into homophobic remarks, nobody forced him into deleting that comments.

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anjinanhut Jul 28 2012, 5:19am replied:

You have no clue, what you are talking about and the fact that didn't you even spend 30seconds looking who comments here, and who wrote the article really just proves all the points I'm making throughout this discussion.

Neither I, nor gazorn are responsible for the contents of the article you are referencing. All your charges and oh so smart conclusions are based on a premise you were either too lazy or too blinded by bias to check...

It baffles me to see someone who is obviously smart enough to see through FOX's story-manufacturing-schemes and tactics (because I so ******* agree with you there)..., someone who is obviously smart enough to use fox news comparisons as an insult... then end up posting something so off the mark and basking himself in his unfounded smart-assery.

And setting up this "when you do this, everyone will know I'm right"-trap is a lousy tactic. Did you fell for stuff like this yourself? Or do you really think the author of the article is that insecure? Yawwwwn.

But btw I'm going to write an article myself, this weekend on my blog: howtonotsuckatgamedesign dot com which will deal with the subject matter. You can question my journalistic integrity then.

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anjinanhut Jul 28 2012, 4:12am says:

@Luckyclover "Hypocrite"? Please, do not use words that are too big for you to understand. And really, man, you throw atheists, god and the bible in here? No, wonder your arguments are packed with logical fallacies.

And just for the record, yes, I'm no longer trying to add anything constructive here. I'm just venting my frustration over how clueless you are about how the world around you works and how much pride you take in your cluelessness as if that's worth something.

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anjinanhut Jul 27 2012, 3:57am replied:

Alright, the comments are obviously now going in circles and I have nothing productive more to add. Best of luck with your mod, you obviously spend a lot of time and dedicated work on it. I'm out.

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anjinanhut Jul 27 2012, 3:41am says:

Let me show you something:

"Hey, Gazornonplat.
Thanks for your input here. I understand that the images we use are quite drastic and deal with sensitive subject matter. While it is our intend to shock (it's the horror genre after all) we are not looking to make people feel bad. So, since this trailer clearly did upset you, I apologize.

That being said, I probably will not change a thing here. The images used are there because of my artistic vision, which I feel would be compromised, if I changed the trailer. As I said, self-harm and mental illnesses are sensitive issues and I keep that in mind with any new media release. But different people have different opinions, and while I take many opinions, such as yours, into consideration, when push comes to shove my own personal artistic vision will be paramount.

So, again thanks for your input and make sure you stay tuned for future media releases. Maybe when you play the mod, you might like it."

See, wasn't that difficult. Why get homophobic? Why bully people into shutting up? Why delete comments? Why do stupid photoshop insults? (BTW, I'm insulted, that only gazorn got shopped... where is my ugly face job?)

That's why I call you guys out for being unable to cope with criticism. Rejecting criticism without disrespecting the source of the criticism is a skill you guys obviously lack. We can have all the debate in the world about art and on that front I actually agree satoru: there will never be full consensus on art and strong art is always bound to offend someone.

But when the author/artist behind that art behaves like a homophobe, like a bully and like an ignorant in response to criticism, it turns his art into a product of a homophobeignorantbully. This is not how you stand up for your art. ruMpel is failing to represent his mod and he is failing games as an art form, maybe not as an designer (haven't played the mod) but as a human being.

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anjinanhut Jul 26 2012, 3:26pm replied:

Alright,... At least you are logically consistent now. Oh, the irony.

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anjinanhut Jul 26 2012, 3:13pm says:

It is absolutely fascinating to witness, how you guys are literally completely unable to cope with criticism. There's a guy who tells you he's offended and your answer is "no, it's not offensive. And if you don't like it, go away"

You guys can't even be logically consisten for two (!) sentences here. Those two statemenets do not go together: "We are not disrespectful AND we don't respect your feelings". How can people be so self-centered and defensive that they lack this basic simple set of social skills and social intelligence? How can someone just pile on the offensive remarks, (yeah, you, ruMpel), pile on and on and gather allies in piling on the offensive behavior and expect to in any way not come out of this situation like a classless troglodyte?

Man, get your act together. Common courtesy is not "licking someone's ***"... it's common courtesy. You are doing nothing but mark your territory with your urin here and asking anyone who can't stand the smell to gtfo,... like a dog. Man-up, dude.

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anjinanhut Jul 26 2012, 9:56am replied:

Allright, imma step away then. Because people who only care about their creativity but not about their destructivity need to be as far away from people and things as possible. Cheers.

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anjinanhut Jul 26 2012, 9:15am says:

It's really a shame to see so much talent and skill coming together for a mod, which looks like a great ride and then have the people who made the mod display themselves publicly as completely socially oblivious and ignorant. Presenting an offensive and inconsiderate trailer like this and then showing no understanding whatsoever about why the trailer is problematic, even reacting with aggression really drags the whole project down. Not cool at all.

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