Hello there, and welcome to my little profile ^_^ As you can see, I'm an anime fan <3 and I like anime best when it is dubbed because I do not like to read the text. But it is true that anime is best in Japanese language, but one that can not Japanese and don't like the text, are forced to see it in English dub. But I want to learn the Japanese language, but it will probably take several days to learn it. But if you know a good anime series in English, by all means tell me about it ^_^

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Hello to all members here on ModDB.com!

Hello all on ModDB I'm a little new here. My name is Elisabeth, but my friends call me Lisa. My brother had this profile that I now using, but after joining the military so he gave me his profile. I hope I can get some good friends here on ModDB. I have now become very good friends with Sakura and Kark-Jocke who have told me how things round here works and it was a very nice start for me ^_^

can say that there's a few who agree with me in this but this question is what kind of anime is the best? the only one I've seen is one called (ah! my goddess) and (K-on!) so far. so I was hoping that something out there on ModDB can help me and find a good one for me?

I like anime series that are dubbed in English language for I am very bad in Japanese Language and I do not like to read subtitles when I watch the series. So if anything out there can help me with this I would appreciate very much ^_^


Hi, the only thing I love from anime is that characters' eyes.

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My biggest reason why I watch anime is because of the story part of the anime series. But seeing normal anime series that has an incredible ticks drawings and a nice history are there that puts me in a feeling situation.

Let's say I see an anime series that lasts a long time so I like to see how they will manage things, who will die or not, what's going to happen, and things I never expect me.

Many different anime series manages to surprise me a few things that I do not understand how to solve them. As the peoples of the series, manages so nice and explain how and why this happened. That's what I think is very funny and look at.

So clearly I can see very many other weird anime series involving injury, nosebleeds, plot, fighting, magic, stupidity, fear and so on. But I like a series that has right dealings about the anime series. For then I will get a better understanding about the series and the people in the series.

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AnimeLoverForever Author

You have a very nice basis grounds to watch anime Karky ^_^

I am a very big fan of the history of anime series, about how things will happen in the anime series. I get so sad when I see the character die for those they love and their friends, when they cry then I cry too ಥ_ಥ

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Devesh10 Online

I think you are extra sensitive for anime like me I have not see all types of anime I didn't know anything about anime still I have not join moddb when I joined and see the anime images I asked Kark-Jocke for it he told me about it then I realized it is like my favorite show Ben 10 Alien Force and Ben 10 Ultimate Alien it is not exactly anime but you can say that Ben 10 is also a anime show

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Generally speaking nearly all Anime series released on the Internet to my knowledge rather prefer, by the uploaders to have "fansubs" hard coded into subtitles that are one with the movie like a laptop and electricity. Cannot be basically remove. I know most Anime series are to be released only 'in country' thus the lack of actual professional audio and text translations. Translation voiceovers or 'dubs' are provided and made by companies usually on the behest of the studio that made the particularly Anime series and plans to release it like in the US for example. English dubs are rather scarce to my knowledge and confined only to the... appropriate Anime that are accepted meaning a great deal of them is ignored and dubbing isn't always that good and there is a noticeable lack of actors per series.

You might be cursed somewhat to subtitles. Acceptable and quick way to solve this now as I see it would to be process the subs into a voice generation software a la Google, record dubs yourself. You know, dubbing itself is time consuming and a lot harder to do than subtitles.

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AnimeLoverForever Author

Many thanks for the info!

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