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These are the facts:

  1. MS has its own HS-module;
  2. Ship must carry 3 industrial powerplants to carry the HS-module;
  3. HW1 tells us that carrier carries it's own HS-engines.
    So, if it would be the default option for capital ships, then it wouldn't be mentioned. Also, if we take a look at the frigates, then we can see that it is too small to "carry three industrial powerplants". So, we must admit that only ships that are bigger then carrier are HS-module carriers. And that what the HW2 show us.
    But of course, there are frigates (3, 12) and destroyers (12) that jump alone to the far side of the galaxy w/o any HS-carriying vessel support. Probably it can be countable as emergency (12) jump or a cleaning patrool (3) jump that were considered as "we will be there for you later".
  4. There are 4 times in a game, when the strike craft is sent through the hyperspace (1, 13,14, 16 missions);
  5. There are hyperspace windows that are not connected with the certain ship module (13, 14 missions);
    It could be counted as a proof of energy source advancement in Taiidani Empire - like frigates carrying cooler small-size reactors )) that could "bit" 3 kushani's industrial one's. Bu tmaybe not - as HW authors were considering sides at quite same technological level - another one HW1 story glitch. Yeah, there were massive bases and so on, but that's only matter of resources and time, not technology.

So, it were just the HW1 stuff, which only gets in line with HWC and HW2 stuff.
But that's not the thing I wanted to ask. So:

  • So it's possible for craft w/o module to make a HS-jump;
  • HS windows are quite controllable (as they are moving to the ship, not the ship moving to it; as they just appearing in some point of XYZ, not just enabling ship to jump);

So then there's a question - do the ship need to have some sort of HS-interface to connect to the opened HS-windows? If not, then why we don't play "send this fleet away" game; if yes, it probably must be some quite cheap thing unlike the whole HS-module...

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