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Almalexion Feb 21 2013, 5:54pm says:

I really loved your work mate, you're talented as i can say :) Everything is nearly perfect about that level. I'm not a guy who's comment everything on the internet. But i made an exeption on this mod :) Good work.
There is one thing is missing. I know making and coding that Gargantua is hard. But that bossy thing deserves a nice ending don't you think :) Well, here's my idea to finish that episode. I think 2 choices.
First, When player enters the second door, let gargantua breaks the metal door and use it's roar animation there and start the airstrike sequence thing at that phase. And boom, Gargantua gone for good.
Second is, after you enter the last door before 'forget about freeman' episode, let gargantua in thru all the way, and make it cave in :)Smash him with rocks ! Black mesa cave in thing is not really like the original half life cave in. That place gived me hard times before :)If I know how to do that work, i make a nice animation here like making gordon cave in and barney saves him from the rubles, and walking to listening the radio like that ^^
Sorry for my crappy english btw. You really done a terrific job btw. I loved it and wishes you good works. Thank you. :)

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