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The Funny Mod

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Just by your unintelligible spelling I can tell you put no effort into this mod at all. Also from reading the comments I understand it has stolen content... Why even waste putting **** like this up here. When I come here to look for mods I expect to find professional mods worth playing and this one isn't even worth the download.


Research and Development

Mod review - 13 agree

Let me start by saying this was exactly what I was looking for when I began looking through the hl2 mods available here. For some reason I love any puzzle elements executed in the hl2 engine and enjoyed all the little puzzles you had to solve throughout the actual hl2 game itself and R&D pretty much mixes all those great moments into one sweet package.

Research & Development pretty much a perfect mod for any fps puzzle lovers and the only thing I can hope for now is a sequel :D

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