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S'vashi Nereen

Some Stuff
"Never start a fight, but always finish it."

S'vashi Nereen is a Chistori Jedi. When she was young she lived in isolation due to the early manifestation of her Force powers and the fear her people held of those powers. She was shunned and she left the planet at her first opportunity, eventually finding her way to the Jedi temple on Eriadu. Her devotion to her training bordered on unhealthy, and she often found herself spending long weeks recovering after pushing herself past her limits. During her training, she developed a honed tactical mind, as well as an impressive amount of skill with the lightsaber. She was tentatively given the position of Jedi Knight as her aggression had yet to be fully checked. After achieving the title, she left the temple, deciding to put her tactical mind to use as a Federation commander.

Should she have to fight, she uses a single blue lightsaber blade outfitted with an Eralam crystal. Her Force powers are somewhat honed, but she prefers fighting in close-quarters with her blade, where her dueling skills can shine. Despite enjoying combat, she believes that the best warriors never have to draw their blades, and thus often will try to defuse a situation. If violence is called for, she lets her opponents make the first move, in accordance with a mantra her master taught her: "never start a fight, but always finish it."

As a Jedi she is respected, but her gruff and blunt personality often puts her at odds with her men. They will follow her into battle, but she's hardly the most charismatic leader. Despite this, her mind is recognized as one that can form impressive strategies, and while her men may not always like her, they know that her tactics can lead them to victory.

Skill Distribution
Guardian I > Guardian II > Guardian III (6 skill points)
Defender I > Defender II (3 skill points)
Commander I > Commander II (3 skill points)
Paladin I (1 skill point)

Skills: 8/16
Points: 13/15

Force Powers
Force Sight (Martial Form)
Force Grip (Martial Form)

Lightsaber Forms
Djem So

Single-bladed lightsaber (Eralam crystal)

Jedi Order
Galactic Federation of Free People

Jared Carrus

Some Stuff
"The job of a soldier is to destroy the enemy and come home alive."

When S'vashi joined the Federation, one of her first friends was Jared Carrus. An outgoing and charismatic soldier, Jared grew up among a family of patriots, and enlisted in the Federation as soon as he could. A stalwart soldier, Jared often works alongside his Jedi superior, both on the ground, and in space.

While S'vashi is a capable commander, Jared is often the one that ends up rallying the troops. His friendly and outgoing personality makes him popular with the men around him, and even S'vashi has come to like him, despite her best attempts to exude a cold and introverted atmosphere.

Skill Distribution
Trooper I > Trooper II (3 skill point)
Officer I (1 skill point)
Charisma I > Charisma II (3 skill points)

Skills: 5/8
Points: 7/7

Heavy blaster pistol

Galactic Federation of Free People


Riddles in the Dark: Adrift Follow-Up
"Accounting for variables and calculating chances of success. Stand by."

Contention-014 is a virtual intelligence program designed to assist in formulating tactics and strategies. Capable of processing information faster than organics, 014 can calculate success probabilities and provide a detailed analysis of current situations.

An experimental program, it was given to S'vashi for testing in the field. She carries it around in a sturdy storage chip, and backups of the program are kept and updated from time-to-time in case the chip is somehow lost.

014 is not designed to combat other artificial intelligences; it has no slicing capabilities and only has rudimentary defenses against potential hacking attempts. Its value comes from its analytical and tactical capabilities.

Skill Distribution
Mainframe Upgrade I (1 skill point)
Firewall I (1 skill point)
Contender I > Contender II (3 skill points)

Skills: 5
Points: 5/7

Galactic Federation of Free People

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