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Welcome...and WHY i'm here ?!?

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Welcome to my page at ModDB !

This page is mainly (but not only) dedicated to my program Mouse-Pad.

It also covers (but not only) my modding work for/to/with MeatBot, PeZBOT, CoD2, CoD4MW, CoDWaW, BF2, BF2142, ETQW,etc.

All my modding work is integrated in my program Mouse-Pad, so by installing it (that is, when i make it public), it will install all my modding work if applicable.

What is Mouse-Pad exactly ?
Check the link at right side to my homepage for some details , (old) screenshots, (old) videos of me playing with it.

In special see topics "WHAT IS MOUSE-PAD" and "WHY have i done it ?" :)

Videos located near end of Homepage...you can see them in that page or go to YouTube to watch them...they aren't very good but they are good enough to demonstrate how easy is to move around with chosen controls and shoot , select weapons,etc.
I might put those old videos here also..

Future videos will be also hosted here at ModDB .

I hope to make soon videos of me playing with it in CoD2 (w/MeatBot modified by me), CoD4MW (same as CoD2 but with PeZBOT modded by me) , CoDWaW (same as CoD4MW), BF2 (with mods further modified by me) , ET:QW (i let you guess :D ),etc.

As for when and where Mouse-Pad will be released and hosted or early code releases for MeatBot, CoD2 and the like...

1- It's done when it's done :p

2- It will be hosted in my Homepage because it's not exactly a game, mod, addon or even related to a specific game or mod and so , it doesn't fit in any way in ModDB categories/goals.

3- No rushed, early or partial code releases.

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