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AeXStrider Mar 12 2010, 5:06pm replied:

Hey Jet!

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AeXStrider Nov 11 2009, 2:37pm replied:

Nice article in US PCGamer . Hey Jet.

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AeXStrider Oct 4 2009, 4:53pm replied:

let teh awesome continue

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AeXStrider Nov 17 2007, 2:41pm replied:

Its 415 or so MB, and there is no single player storyline besides the one each map represents.
The Objective game type, has you and your team tasked to complete objectives to get to the next step, and ultimately win. If you can..Thats why having Humans on your side usually helps alot, even though the command list if pretty comprehensive for the bots.
Most of these objectives have time constraints, and all of the maps have FULL BOT support. :D Which means the Devs have taken the already smart UT A.I. and taught it some new tricks, like throwing thermal detonators, sniping you from across a gorge, healing you when you call for Bacta, launching torpedoes up your exhaust port.. [sorry, I couldn't resist that last one]
So you can download it [and they are trying to get more file hosts] play offline, or one of the online servers you'll automatically see in the UT browser- or create your own server. There are currently about 3 up, both coasts of the U.S., one supposedly coming for the E.U. soon.

That's about all I know as I am a lowly beta tester and not having much to do with P.R. [thanks Yoshiro for coming back in time of need]
wOOt! HAve fun!!!

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AeXStrider Nov 16 2007, 6:55pm says:

Hi guys we just finished kicking the bumpers and slamming the doors etc . of the release candidate and have been arranging servers throught the past few days.
It will release the 16th [ today] as soon as it finished uploading to the various sites.
SOrry for the 20th date here that's a typo. [I will contact the admin of the topic or he might know of it by now ] WooT

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