Hey Peeps. I'm ADos, more commonly known a Sev throughout the interwebs and wherever else I have been lucky enough to pass. I'm an enthusiastic gamer, I love what I play most of the time, but I find that I am most intruiged by the little things in a game, like background stories and making an area just look that little bit more appealing.

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The art of 3D Modeling!

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We all know that 3D modeling is indeed a frustrating task according to what program you use. I myself have no chance on earth of figuring out how to use Blender. I could use tutorials or ask my pal', Buddy in crime, Bro, Chumpy known as Ox-Skull. It would be a frustrating, fruitless task... But I will perhaps figure it out and become the best Blendereruperer that ever exis- You know, bugger that for now.

I use a modeling program that is part of the Autodesk package, aptly named "Autodesk Inventor" I've been using since I was in the early years of Graphics at high school (College I think some know it as.), and I believe I could use this program to show off just what I can strut off in the 3D modeling department. Yes, I know- "INVENTOR ISNT COOL N STUFF CUZ IT AINT BLENDER, N00B!" but hey, It's a start.

Sincerely, Sevvykins.
The god of writing pointless blogs.

A first Blog post!

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Dear Blog.

I find myself humbled by this large website I've been a fan of for oh so long. It feels... Good. I've done something that for sure is going to change the world. Mwahawrhawrha. Cough. Anyhow, I must get back to slaving away in Fallout Online 2238. Thanking you for your time and appreciation. I love you blog. xoxo.

Regards, Sev

(In no way is it intended that this blog is a living being I can speak to. Yet.)

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