Modder, mapper, modeller, texturer, sound-er, music producer, coder, video editor, tutorial writer for Half-Life, CS and other GoldSrc games; Half-Life 2, CS:S and Source games and Far Cry. Mapper for DooM 1 and 2, and noob mapper for Unreal and Deus Ex :D

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Spoiler alert!
If you don't want me to spoil the ending of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for you, then don't you dare to go to the bottom of this blog.

Following my cousins' arrival, I decided to install some old Call of Duty games on my laptop, hoping that they would run. My 3 cousins from the USA are big fans of Call of Duty, lol.

They're all console gamers, though. They got used to the keyboard, regardless. One of my cousins said he hated sniper rifles, but once he tried sniping with a mouse, he changed his mind. XD

So, I've made a small compilation of what happens when I play Call of Duty. It's like an album of photos of funny moments. Have fun reading this. :)

I started off with:

Call of Duty

Immediately, on the first mission, I saw this thing.
One guy is seeking on one side, the other guy is looking at the other one. XD

I somehow managed to throw a grenade and land it on that thing:

I also saw some funny deaths:

If you look at the dead corpse above my iron sights, you'll notice a face-planted Nazi. Lol, it's just like a fox hunting mice in the snow. XD

Also, funny faces. ^^

This is probably my favourite mission in CoD:

That's how we ride in the 'hood! With a "French tin can". XD
Drive-by! Ballas incoming! (oops, that's a GTA: San Andreas reference, I'd better save it for my next compilation)

This guy was such a character:

Too bad I didn't manage to save him during the mission in Brecourt. :(
He would get replaced anyway.

OK, this is going to become a meme.
In the training mission, there was a sign saying "Here lies Pvt. Bell because he failed to follow his damn orders". What happened is that he stood up while the machine-guns were still firing, and he was actually supposed to crawl forward.

Apparently, Pvt. Bell was still alive. XD

On a few occasions, like in the mission in Berlin, I used a scoped Kar98k to no-scope the Nazis. Wow, I've never known that no-scoping can be so fun. XD

On the end of the game, I saw something funny: "No cows were harmed in the making of this game"
It was basically referring to the second part of the first mission, where you get to a field with a lot of dead cows.

Having completed CoD 1 in 2 days, I went ahead and deleted it, so I could free up space and install:

Call of Duty 2

As Call of Duty's graphics upgraded, my framerates degraded. That's a fact! :D

Funnily enough, some moments from CoD 1 also happened in 2:

Another fox which was hunting mice in the snow. :3

And, more faces:

Gwab-gh-bh-hrggghhh-gloooobbb, that's what I hear in my mind right now, because this guy looks so fat.

This guy, on the other hand:

He looks like he's saying "Alles ist gut!" (forgive me for my poor knowledge of German) and raising a thumb to emphasize that.

This also turned out to be a cool bug:

If you watch his mouth, it looks like he's either eating his knee, or praying to not get killed. He stopped after a while, though. :P

Then, I was about to finish the game. My cousin came and asked if he could play. I didn't have anything to lose, so I said "yes".
I let him play the last part of the game. XD

We laughed. He only got to play the final final part. XD

The tank missions were epic. My cousin loved those the most.
Especially when the tank crew makes comments like "You can heil Hitler in hell!" and "How do you fell about that, Fritz?" (eh, something like that).


It's not that I give a damn about cows in this game (I don't), but the fact that they put it here again makes me laugh so hard. XD

Hmm, they should've also put "horses" in there, because I've seen some dead horses in CoD 2.
I completed CoD 2 in 2 days, just like CoD 1. :3

On some occasions, I also saw Cpl. Carver in CoD 2. I'm mentioning this because it reminds me of Jack Carver from Far Cry. :D

Finally, the last one I've completed in this month:

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Seriously, I love these old CoD games, I wonder why nobody plays them (if they don't). :P

In CoD 1, I had 25 to 60fps. (medium settings, 1024x768)
In CoD 2, I had 10 to 40fps. (low to medium settings, 800x600)
But in CoD 4, I had 5 to 15fps (lowest settings I could get in the options menu, 640x480).

CoD 4 is as old as my laptop (both were released in 2007, no?), so I'm glad to see the laptop keeping up. Not the case with Crysis, though. Crysis was ahead of its time anyway.

Some people would argue that such low framerates make such a game unplayable, but I'm here to counter that! >:D

This game is just adorable. :]
At some point, I decided to turn on the specular maps:

...and the shadows and dynamic lights:

It was absolutely beautiful.
However, they decreased my fps by around 40%, so I turned them off. I wish I could run CoD4 in DirectX 8 or something... but no, it only runs in DX 9.

Before we get into anything funny:

I feel so sorry and sad for killing these little doggos. :(
I know they wanted to kill me, but... they were so cute!


"All Ghillied Up"
Hardest, but the most beautiful mission in Modern Warfare 1.
2 snipers enter a town to execute Imran Zakhaev.

(looks like Zakhaev was given some priority in rendering)

Lt. Price shoots Zakhaev and hits his arm, after which gospodin Zakhaev loses his arm. (yes, Price was still a lieutenant back then)

Then, Price and MacMillan escape the building, and MacMillan becomes unable to walk after the falling helicopter's rotors almost cut him in pieces.
Price carries him to the LZ and plants some claymores around the place, and then they battle an entire darn army until the chopper arrives.

Wow, what a mission. I'm so proud that I finished it. :)

Some parts actually remind me of my school:

My school has these fences on the stairs, and the stairs look just like this! (but with a different, darker texture)

Alright, let's get on the 'meme' I mentioned earlier:

Oh, look at that!
Private Bell from WW2 had a son, and his son had a son, and now WW2 Bell's grandson serves the army. Talking about a legacy here! XD
Looks like we should make CoD maps which will have "Pvt. Bell was here". I guess it will not be a meme, but meh, whatever you say.

And, of course, the final part in the single-player campaign:

No, not this, I'm just putting it here so you can understand what happens next.

This guy's marines died after the nuke went off when they were searching for that terrorist guy in a desert town or something.

Even he got killed later...

SSgt. Griggs! Nooooo!


Price! Give me that gun, will you?

Time to have revenge...

Good night, gospodin Zakhaev! I'll squat with you in hell, сука! >:)

Get rekt. GET REKT, BOI!
(I got angry at the villain, for real)

Well, that's what happens when I play Call of Duty. :P
Unlike the first two, Call of Duty 4 was completed in 3 days. Probably because I had less playtime per day, lol.

I was pretty disappointed because the Easter egg from Call of Duty 1 and 2 didn't appear. :/
I mean, they could've added it, since I saw dead cows in a mission once.

Regardless, it was EPIC. Can't wait to play Modern Warfare Two and Thr- oh right, my laptop can't run CoD games after WaW. :P
And WaW is just unplayable at 0.5fps.

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Admer456 Creator

Now I'm a high-schooler. I guess I should write a blog about it, because it's interesting. :P

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Congratulations, sometimes i wish if i can back to high school, now it's kinda boring.

E da probam i ja da napravim neku mapu za cs1.6 xD, any advices?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Admer456 Creator

Huh, I thought you were a high-schooler. O_o
Anyway, about CS mapping:

Ima jedna lijepa srpska zajednica na GameBanana-i, neki od njih znaju praviti mape za CS: Stojke, Armael i drugi.

Ja bih ti preporučio neke tutoriale na našem, ali ih nema. Zato planiram napisati nekoliko maping tutoriala.
Uglavnom, sve što ti treba da počneš je J.A.C.K. (besplatan map editor), VHLT (kompajleri mapa), i naravno CS 1.6.

Ako imaš Discord, mogao bih te nekako voditi kroz taj proces, uz slike i sve to.

Praviti mape nije nimalo teško, samo se treba malo naviknuti ispočetka i to će ići k'o podmazano. Možeš ti i čitati tutoriale sa TWHL-a, samo ne znam koliko ti je srodan engleski jezik. :P

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I finished high school in 2014. :D

E hvala ti za ovo, ja sam probao neki "hammer editor" ali nisam umeo da se snadjem, takodje sam nasao neki online editor, zove se "worldcraft online" nije tezak za koriscenje ali nema bas puno opcija u njemu.

Sto se tice engleskog on mi dobro ide.
Inace hvala, probacu taj J.A.C.K. editor.

Usput napravio sam skin za AWP. ;)
Napravicu i jos po neki skin za druga oruzja.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Admer456 Creator

Da, da, već sam vidio taj skin. Nije nimalo loše.

Hammer Editor i Worldcraft Online nemoj koristiti. A pogotovo Worldcraft Online, kanta smeća. Najbolje alternative su J.A.C.K. i Sledge Editor (koji je još u alpha verziji). Ima i QuArK ali nemam pojma kako ću da se naviknem na njegove kontrole.

J.A.C.K. je dosta sličan Hammeru, s tim da ima bolju funkcionalnost.

Hmm, ustvari, znaš li šta bih ti preporučio?

Pošto su J.A.C.K. i Hammer 4 (4 za Source, 3.x za GoldSrc, odnosno CS 1.6 i HL) tako slični, mogao bi pogledati videa o pravljenju mapa za CS:S i CS:GO.
Naučit ćeš neke prečace (kao Shift+S, tj. Select tool) koji su ti u suštini isti za sva 3 editora, pošto su oni svi dio jedne porodice (premda je J.A.C.K. 'svjež', ne potiče ni od jednog).
Mislim, J.A.C.K. je svakako "Hammer-style" editor, pa...

Znam da je malo teško isprva, ali trebaš znati da su developeri prije 15 godina radili u gorim uslovima i sa manjom funkcionalnošću.

A kada se odlučiš za stvari specifične za CS 1.6 i njegov engine, onda čitaj tutoriale na GameBanani i TWHL-u.

Sretno! :)

Reply Good karma+2 votes


Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Admer456 Creator

Evo, napisao sam jedan detaljan tutorijalčić ako hoćeš da pročitaš:

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Nailed that profile header image... xD

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Admer456 Creator

Thanks, man. :D
I only left out the part at the right, though. I'll need to fill it with something... :thinking:

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Admer456 Creator

I'm feeling terrible. fml.
I hope I'll change someday. :/

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Admer456 Creator

Never mind.
I feel better now. :P

I forgot what actually happened, so don't ask what happened.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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