I am an aspiring game developer, hoping that when I get enough funding, I'd be able to form a team of talented individuals to create wonderful games for the whole world to enjoy. I also enjoy creating models in Zbrush and 3DS MAX as well as game design concepts for the projects I'll work on once I'm given the financial opportunity. Thanks to the Dead Island Riptide Scripting Competition, I now have a more modern computer that I can use to work more efficiently. Goodbye endless render times and less than 1 million poly restrictions lol! :D

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Dead Island Riptide

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As someone who has played the first Dead Island, I can say that I also enjoyed Riptide just as much. Nothing much really seems to have changed and that's just fine with me. The graphics are still beautiful like before, but this time it's more focused on jungles instead of indoor locations and cities.

The jungle itself is quite a nice place to explore. Tropical trees and plants give sway to the wind, giving life to the environment. The weather changes from time to time as well, so it's pretty common to have it raining for a while before slowly going back to the bright and sunny atmosphere of the place.

Don't let the beautiful scenery fool you, it's not as safe as it seems! Zombies and monsters litter the island and will rip you apart the moment you idle around too long. The usual cast of zombies have returned, along with a few new variations to keep things interesting. There's now a "drowner", which can be found in areas with waist level water. These guys would wake up and go after you, especially if you're riding a noisy boat. The "screamer" will just scream, while "grenaiders" will throw what seems to be exploding meat at you.

For the story, it continues from where it left off. The heroes just escaped the prison on a helicopter and lands on a ship. Unfortunately, they are held against their will because of the people who want to use their immunity to infection as part of a cure. Most of the story's exposition are done via quests that you can do, and there are twists and turns that make things a little more interesting.

Combat is still the same. You can use melee weapons or firearms to battle the undead. You can still find blueprints to give special effects to your weapons and upgrade them some.

For an improved Riptide experience, go download the latest George Romero Survival Horror Edition mod for the PC version. It offers a totally new and configurable experience that users will find enjoyable.

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