Founder and designer at +AsDesigned Games. Released Godsweeper to browsers in November 2013, now working on Impatient Squirrel for mobiles. Follow me on twitter @AdamSRussell

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It's been a good week for Godsweeper progress as we gear up to show the game at LAUNCH on Thursday.

This week we have:

  • Mocked up the main menu and got that into the game, so you can now choose your difficulty level!
  • Mocked up the win and lose screens for after each game (image below).
  • Had a meeting in a tea shop and created a very long to-do list!
  • Designed and ordered new business cards. This is far more exciting than it sounds, and there should be a blog post next week to prove it!
  • Storyboarded menu animations, because UI's are more fun with a bit of movement!
  • Planned the ‘How to Play' section based on player feedback.

Don't forget, you can play Godsweeper on Thursday if you come along to Birmingham Science Park. Tickets for the event can be bought here

Have a great weekend!

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