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Heya, I'm Abbu and I like games (Durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) +I play a lot of RTS like Supreme Commander or Command & Conquer, also I enjoy playing puzzle-fpses like HL2 or Portal. I spent quite some time on paying TES Oblivion and Fallout 3. Sometimes I just feel like shooting stuff to pieces and I'll play UT3 or OpenArena. +Also I'm a big fan of anime like Clannad (and most other animes inspired by Key actually) and Ghost In The Shell. +I'm really into music, I listen quite a lot of diffrent genres like classical music, rock, techno and industrial. Some of my faves would be Linkin Park, VNV Nation and Rammstein. +I like to make simple things in Photoshop, although I might be better at programming. I can't really draw :P

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