My name is Tim Haerkens and I'm a Dutch game designer. I'm currently in my second year at a game design & development college. I am skilled with the C# and Javascript language and the Unity Engine.

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0 comments by 1Time on Aug 23rd, 2013

I finally finished my last assignment for last schoolyear so my summer holidays have finally officialy started.
Even though school starts in 2 weeks this still feels good.
I am excited though to start my second year as a game developer student.
Because I finally don't have any unfinished work anymore I have time to think of new stuff to focus on.

A friend of me went to Game Developers Conference in Germany last week and he showed a project
,he has been working on the past few months, at the Steam and Nintendo stand.
They were both excited  and told him to email them with more information about his project.

Jochem is a very experienced 3D designer and did many jobs for customers the past few years.
I met him because he and I are in the same year at a Game Design & Development college in the Netherlands.  We discussed his project and decided that we will continue this project together.

I am good at coding and level design, and Jochem is good at level design, modelling, texturing and animating. I already helped him with some scripts to get him started, but now it's getting official.
CAD Visie officialy opened as a Publisher on IndieDB today. CAD Visie is the company owned by Jochem
and will be the Publisher for the upcoming project. 1TG already existed as a Development group.

The game will be added to IndieDB next week so keep tuned. It will be an awesome project.
Expect something nice :)!

Good night,
Tim Haerkens

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