My name is Tim Haerkens and I'm a Dutch game designer. I'm currently in my third year at a game design & development college. I am the lead developer of Grotman and we're working on Tribal and Error. I am skilled with the C# and Javascript language and the Unity Engine.

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1Time Aug 26 2013 says:

Just watched Yamimash' video and the game seems really short?
The level is very big and the only interactions are the doors and the monster standing up and chase you.

You should have more interactions than just that before you release a demo/alpha.
I like the setting however and the monster really looks scary.
If this game will be bigger and with more content I'll try it.
Now it just looks like some small test for a horror game idea.

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1Time Aug 22 2013 replied:

Ah yes I know some people that went to NHTV.
I really like the school I am in now.
I learn a lot about many different aspects of game design and development. We get a lot of freedom to do things the way we want and that's important for me :p.

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1Time Aug 22 2013 replied:

Woops, I ment Javascript, my bad :).
And I'm following the course at Utrecht School of Arts in the Netherlands.

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1Time Jun 9 2013 replied:

Glad to see you'd like to play my game.
I am currently working hard on getting a version ready to upload.
It will not be the complete game and you will be very limited,
but it will give you a glance of how the game will be like when
it is done :).

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