A 19-year-old music producer/graphic designer. My music has been supported by BBC Radio 1 supported DJs like Citizen, Lane 8, Just Kiddin and Jody Wisternoff among others.

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Some background behind this track.

Around two years back I had originally developed an idea that would then become the spiritual successor to the Half-Life² mod-turned-standalone NEOTOKYO˚. As soon as I gained the blessings from the original development team, I quickly started on the graphic design and sound assets. Sadly, due to only artists being interested, it ended up slowly dying before it could even get on its feet.

Fast forward to a couple days ago. I ended up finding a file on my harddrive which surprisingly ended up being a really shitty rough draft of the piano melody. Instead of chopping it up, I just replayed the two parts I liked. This is what would’ve been on the soundtrack if the project were still alive.

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I like your concept for neuberlin :)

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Aguila. Creator

Sorry for the overdue two year comment, but thank you very much!

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