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#WTFU Where the Fair Use Youtube? Why do all our rights get removed by 1 strike and our channel gets removed by 3 strikes eventhough nothing has been proven in a court of law? Why do videos get taken down or our monetizing stolen taking our ad revenue when companies send claims against many smaller accounts who are well within their legal rights? Why is there no penalty for sending many fraudulent claims/strikes? Why is the front channel filled with mainstream BS rather than home grown channels like it had before a few years before? Because YT keeps pandering to big corporate deals and allow them to flag and take down any video/channel they like because YT keeps accepting the ad deals, but YT has alot more to lose by allowing companies to do whatever they like once creativity of all of these channels get stifled since its preventing many start up channels from moving beyond the first few copyright strikes. Audience starts moving away, advertisers start losing money, big channels start talking about it and sooner or later Google will have to change the anti-content creator system. Jim Sterling and Nostalgia Critic got their videos and monetising brought back within a day or two after posting a video about it. Google listens when it starts losing money.

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