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I got headphones with very clear sound and the middle tones of the song "Scrambled Matter" sound a bit "mushed together" for me. Can't help but notice that they sound as if these songs were compressed at low bit rate - it's a pity really, because your songs (@Hobospy) are actually very good, I like how you're using a variety of techniques to present your song (such as filtering effects). I think you should consider remastering them once you have some better headphones. I got Sennheiser HD428 headphones which might be expensive, but they got a very clear sound with not too much bass and I'm very satisfied with them. @rollsballs you got a quite nice remastering here, even though such ambient pieces aren't my taste as I'm a friend of variety, but I can see you know what you're doing and you're doing it well. Your songs could be a bit shorter though, like try not to make the arrangement "explode" in length too much - PS: Sorry if my criticism is misplaced here :P

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MtM0201 Author

The individual files are of a higher quality. His stuff in the downloads is what you want to go after listening to, these music packs are just big updates on what's been shared. Unfortunately, nobody cares that much about it, and I'm too busy to kick it back up again.

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The first music pack of 2012, enjoy!

Included in this Update are the following:
0:00 Scrambled Matter - Hobospy
3:08 Phantasm - Hobospy
8:52 Pirate's Tale - Hobospy
14:54 In the Absense of God - rollsballs
18:42 Shibby Con Queso - rollsballs
33:08 Ambient Draft - rollsballs
36:12 KU Concept - rollsballs