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Aug 12 2010 Anchor

Hello, im Bfranx the leader and recruiter for our standalone mod, C&C Tiberian Dawn: The First Strike.

Here's a link to the moddb page:
Here's a link to our production group:

Well, we originally started out as a mod for the SAGE engine, however, we decided to move to the udk for 3 reasons.

1. MUCH larger community
2. Easier standalone capabilities
3. Campaign ^^

Right now, no one knows we have moved to the udk engine (we still have posted we are on the SAGE engine)
its our little secret, its going to be a BIG update when we release it.

Currently, we are in dire need of 3d modelers, and people who can move our SAGE models, to the udk engine, we also need riggers, scripters, and sound managers. those are our biggest needs, however, we are still accepting other applications as well.

we have a few requirements for those looking to join:

you must be enthusiastic about working with the team
you must be 15 or older
you must have a basic understanding of what you are going to do
you must be reachable in the future
if you are applying for a modeling/texturing job, post some of your work in your application.

i really look forward to our mod being competed, however without help from you, i fear it never will be...
Send your application to our e-mail:
or submit it to me here on moddb:

Bfranx, and the rest of the Firestorm Productions Team.

UPDATE: well, we released our surprise recently. and we still need staff. mostly 3d artists, programmers, and uv unwrappers. but we'll consider anything other than testers at this time.

Update: We now have legal permission to make our mod :D

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