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Mar 11 2010 Anchor
Hello Unrealers,
We are:
User Posted Image
We started out as a mod for UT3 but when UDK released we saw the future.
So TA (as we call it) wil be a standalonde game.
We are recruiting new members to our DEF team.
you can check out our site:
Who are we looking for?,
Level Designer
Music Producer
Public Relations
Sound Effects Engineer
Voice Actor
Texture Artist
Character Modeler

Apply on our webpage:
Sr. Animator:
Good technical abilities with respect to the implementation of animation into a game engine.
Extensive knowledge of 3D Studio Max and rigging processes.
Understanding of the character development process and its technical dependencies and limitations.
Deep understanding of anatomy and human kinetics.
Strong understanding of fundamental animation principals.
Candidates must show an aptitude for learning new systems quickly.
Strong communication skills and a positive attitude.
should be familiar with object world, parent, and local space coordinates and how it affects animation.
Also should know constraint systems and how to apply and switch between them in an animation for different parenting results.
The ability to problem solve and prioritize issues.
Ability to meet schedules and milestone deliverables.
Experience with the unreal engine and multiple skeletal rig systems a plus.
Apply on our webpage:
Jr. Animator:
A demonstrated understanding of creating personality with basic animation principles, including squash and stretch, timing and motion, anticipation, staging, follow through, pose to pose, slow in and out, arcs, exaggeration, secondary action, and appeal.
Excellent communication and personal task management skills.
Willingness to provide and accept direction, and work in a team environment.
Candidates must show an aptitude for problem solving and learning new systems quickly.
Apply on our webpage:
Must have experience building mutators within unrealed.
Must have samples of their code to show.
Must have basic replication and states experience.
Main job is to support main coder by tweaking / cleaning up code that has been created (may be some small things to code).
You will be tweaking code and play testing constantly. You will be tweaking all aspects of the game from the player, weapon and UI elements.
This role is to cover the fact that tweaking code can take just as long as writing code.
You will be expected as a coder to be able to put in a good 15 - 20 hours a week.
Apply on our webpage:
Level Designer
In order to become part of the team, you must have basic English linguistic skills, reading/writing is an absolute necessity.
A Level designer must have good understanding of how maps affect gameplay, and how to design them in a way that will maximize the gaming value.
Level Designers must have an artistic frame of mind, and have clarity in their goals.
Communication is key - Level Designers need to be able to liaise with all members of the team, particularly Modelers and Texture artists. This also includes giving updates of your work to the rest of the team regularly.
Use of MSN is a necessity.
TA Level Designers absolutely must have experience with the Unreal Editor, including:
Knowledge of the interface and tools
BSP Construction and Mesh management
Lighting Techniques
Kismet Knowledge
Material Editor Knowledge (including material terminology)
Use of packages, including import/export
Cascade Editor and Particle system Knowledge
Volume Knowledge
A previously designed level to show (not necessarily unreal)
*Our team of level designers will gladly provide help with these areas
Ability to create and texture models is a huge plus, but not a necessity.
Experience with photo-editing programs is a plus, but not a necessity.
You must be able to give, on average, 15-20 hours of time to TA per week. However, we understand this can be affected by difficulties in privates lives.
Most importantly, you must have the determination to be part of the best mod out there, and the willpower to create the gameplay that rivals Tactical First Person Shooters
In order to be accepted as a full member of the team, you must produce the basic BSP of a produced level. This must include detailed blueprints and plans, layout considerations, scenario plans, and reference pictures.
Apply on our webpage:
Modelers must have experience using Max (2008), Maya, Modo 302.
Should be capable of producing first and third person models from various reference pics, while staying within the required triangle limit.
Be able to create UVW maps for both the first and third person models.
If you are not capable already, you will be expected to learn how to produce a high polygon version of the object and bake normal maps onto both the third and first person models. Next-generation games use real-time lighting and reflection on in-game objects. Having hard edges or bad shading is not an option.
Ability to create diffuse and specular maps also a big plus.
Apply on our webpage:
Music Producer
Useful to have:
* knowledge of recording processes
* an understanding of GAME and map ambient Music addition
* knowledge of musical theory
* knowledge of musical instruments
* knowledge of different musical styles and vocal techniques
*Will develop and strengthen their relationship with gunand explosion
* an understanding of how to arrange music depending of Things in the map(car,plane,three,duck...)
* listening skills for evaluating musical performances
* communication skills
* computer skills
* time management and organisational skills.
Shape the music being played, communicating desired tempo,
phrasing, tone, color, pitch, volume, and other performance
Apply on our webpage:
Public Relations
Key responsibilities:
* Responsible for the establishment and execution of the
public relations calendar across all sites, to the brief of
Regional or national more the publications.
* Manages all third party PR agency suppliers, including fees, project scope and briefing.
* Co-ordinates all tactical PR opportunities through close liaison with site marketing managers
and networking of relevant agencies, journalists and publications.
Must have:
* good communication skills and written English skills.
* Able to communicate either by phone, msn, e-mail and so on. Must be quick to respond.
* Must be a creative thinker and able to come up with new marketing ideas on a regular basis
* Be an expert in Social Media Networking and know how to successfully advertise using
Facebook, Digg, SumbleUpon, and other related websites.
* Must be a friendly, hard working person and dedicated to making his work succeed.
Other qualifications:
Public relations specialists must show creativity, initiative, and good judgment and have the ability to
communicate thoughts clearly and simply. Decision-making, problem-solving, and research skills also are important.
People who choose public relations need an outgoing personality, self-confidence, an understanding of human
psychology, and an enthusiasm for motivating people. They should be competitive, yet able to function as part of a
team and be open to new ideas.
Apply on our webpage:
Sound Effects Engineer
Your job might include:
* discussing the production’s sound needs with the Music Producer or sound designer and Voice Actor
* exactly where in the script any sound effects, music and changes in sound level are needed
* pre-recording any sound effects and music to be used
* choosing suitable equipment
* positioning and rigging
* doing sound checks before a performance
* operating the sound desk during shows "internal" as TA website and "external" as external websites
Could be a plus :
* following a sound plan (known as a 'plot') and cues from the deputy map manager
* uploading, setting up, dismantling and loading on map
* recording or mixing music, for example as a DJ
* working for a sound equipment manufacturer or hire ompany.
Apply on our webpage:
Voice Actor
*A “golden voice” is absolutely not essential.
*As a voice over actor, your typical gigs include:
Audiobook readings
Video trainings
Audio trainings
Web-cast announcements
Web-cast trainings
Cartoon characters
Movie characters
Translated movie characters
Special effects
Video game characters
*Background in professional acting can harm your chances to be selected.
*Build right your career from your own home.
*Reliable equipments would help as well.
*FOLEY ARTISTE could be considerate like a big plus
Apply on our webpage:
Texture Artist
Well trained eye, good sense for color/depth/visual details (often comes with traditional art backgrounds like drawing or photography).
Able to do efficient unwrapping.
Experienced with the process of creating diffuse- and normalmaps to create photorealistic in-game textures at "current generation detail".
Understand the importance of ambient occlusion.
Including example renderings or screenshots in application.
Pluses that make you perfect:
Since TA uses Unreal Engine 3, its best to know the current UED´s MATERIAL EDITOR.
Experienced with additional technical like specular-, emissive- or alphamapping;
Able to 3D model
Apply on our webpage:
Character Modeler
Passion for CG character art, animation and games
Proven character modeling skills including skinning, texture mapping and polygonal modeling
Self-motivated, positive, conscientious and organized
Good communicator, able to give and receive constructive feedback
Knowledge of character rigging an advantage.
Conversant with Autodesk 3DS Max, Zbrush and Photoshop
• To create and assist in creation of high quality character model assets in
accordance with the brief and technical requirements of the game.
• Produce consistent work of high quality.
• Estimate your own work and manage your time to meet deadlines.
• Prepare work for outsourcing, assess and report on quality of incoming work
Apply on our webpage:
Thanks For Reading!
Your TA Team.
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