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Starfox100 "Inferno Phoenix" field Commander
Aug 18 2011 Anchor

To make a small post and let your minds trigger a little again, I would like to see how many cool names there are for Units.
Just to make it for Carnius maybe easier to pick one and fits to (maybe) a new unit.

Post all the names you can think off down below here and the faction it would fit.

Titan [GDI]
Scorpion [Nod]
Defiler [Scrin]

you can do it for more factions, like it can be for 2 or maybe all 3.
it can be total new names, can also be those that already exist.
if the name does not exist yet, do tell where it stands for.

To blow the horn with:
Raptor: [GDI/Nod] it can be a plane, but can also be a mech.
Delirium [Scrin/Nod] The name is almost same as 'Illusion' is it real? or is just my mind messing with it?

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