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Mar 27 2011 Anchor

Hi Guys,

I was watching a documentation about the reactive armor used for soviet tanks and now for the M1A1, and I thought that could be a nice upgrade for tanks.
I thought about it working as a shield and NOT like increasing the HP. And this "shield" (note: there also should be the blue bar for showing the status of the reactive armor) will go down with the damage it takes, once it's gone, it can't renegerate itself, it needs to be repaired.
So what do you think?
I know that there's the ceramic upgrade for increasing the armor of vehicles for GDI, but this upgrade would also be possible for NOD in my opinion.

Mar 28 2011 Anchor

The problem is though: This kind of armour would only work against actual shells and grenades. It would be a useless upgrade agains Scrin weapons as an example. Besides, it's so far into the future that I dont think you'd need to get aditional upgrades for such a standard thing.

P.S Nod*

GoldenArbiter Proud servant of Kane
Mar 28 2011 Anchor

AtlasTasume wrote: P.S Nod*

you're really adamant about capitalization aren't you?

as to the subject: i really can't see the use of reactive armour. useful in modern times, but remember: year 2040.


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Mar 28 2011 Anchor

I kinda like the idea, fits GDI mostly. It could be something similar but with a different name because its in the year 2040s. Also maybe the upgrade makes it very resistant against any T1\T2 weapons including Scrin's but not T3\T4 ones like sonics\railguns\tiberium plasma\Lasers\Scrin's tiberium modified weapons\ion storms\etc etc.


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-Redeemer- 313th Paratrooper Batallion
Mar 28 2011 Anchor

yep,today it came into my mind,that this would be not effective against any upgrade weapon: railguns are too fast powerful --> the explosivs cant react ; lasers just melt it down, it cant react ; partical beams just go through it


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Mar 28 2011 Anchor

Meh. For me looks more like a copy of Scrin Shield upgrade. Also GDI already have awesome armor

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