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Feb 12 2013 Anchor

Here's a possible idea I've been thinking about for bringing in the Montauk/Fist of Nod to TE.

Montauk II / Fist of Nod
Description: It could be deployed as a reinforcement power called "The Fist of Nod", which could replace the "Subterranean Strike" (that currently deploys Fanatics, which will be taken out anyway). The reason why it's a support power, instead of built from the vehicle construction queue, is because the maximum number of slots is already used (unless someone else can say for sure, I don't think it can be increased from 12). Or, keep the Subterranean Strike in as a support power (maybe revert it back to how it was in v1.4) and then have the Montauk/Fist of Nod be available from the Tacitus Archive, just like how the new Kodiak will be for GDI. I really think naming this vehicle "Montauk II" would work well, just as as long as "Fist of Nod" is somehow mentioned as its ability and also let the structure be called "Fist of Nod" after the vehicle unpacks.

At the selected area, it could display scrambling of dirt and dust on the ground first, then it will soon reveal an exit to a Nod underground tunnel, and suddenly out comes a large vehicle onto the battlefield, the "Montauk II" - what's different about this Montauk compared to the one in TS is it is capable of deploying into a war factory called "Fist of Nod" (in homage to TS). This unit can certainly look similar to the Montauk, or Carnius can have it mixed between the two vehicles, and/or his own design. Basically, this unit will be available at the Tacitus Archive and will essentially serve as Nod's (support) epic vehicle that some fans feel was needed.

Ability: The Montauk II can be controlled and moved just like a regular vehicle and as long as it looks plausible in design, allow it to have the ability to burrow and reappear else where on the map (but just like the Devel's Tongue, the distance it can travel should be limited and must have a cool down, so it won't be OP); when the Montauk II has unpacked and transformed itself into the "Fist of Nod", it can then build specific tier 1 - 2 Nod vehicles (maybe 1 - 3, if it isn't OP - after all, it isn't intended to take the place of a regular War Factory, only supplement it); to set it apart from Nod's regular War Factory, this "Fist of Nod" war factory should appear different; for balance, it does not offer a building radius like the regular War Factory does, but maybe it can heal nearby vehicles; when the player wishes, the "Fist of Nod" structure can pack up to be the "Montauk II" and be mobile again.

When the unit is in its mobile "Montauk II" state, it should have some sort of aura that'd improve/boost allied units within its radius, possibly similar to the Avatar's "Voice of Kane" aura. When deployed into the "Fist of Nod" structure, allow it to have some defense weapons (like GDI's Rig when it's unpacked), such as obelisk-type lasers and/or napalm launcher(s).

Requirements: Tech Lab and Tacitus Archive are required; high cost; has either a cool down or a build time; only one MontaukII/Fist of Nod can be built at a time.

What do you guys think?

Carnius has confirmed that he is interested in making this combined unit, so any further suggestions made will be about its design, ability(s), weapons, etc.

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