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May 2 2012 Anchor

1. As GDI has the Rig, and NOD with TE a portable stealth generator, why doesn't the Scrin has a utilly vehicle. here is my idea.

Name: Way maker
Race: Scrin
type: Utility/ transport vehicle
Role: Repairing nearby vehicles and transporting entire armies
Abilities: Repair aura, Link
Cost: 1500
Needed: nerve center
Appearance: A perfectly circular body, no head and 4 tentacles as legs at each corner.
Explanation: Link: When a Waymaker deploys, it sends out his 4 tentacles into the ground, pulling his body against it. the tentacle tips then resurface in a square around the body. after this point, it already sends out repair drones. without a second Connector, the Waymaker is only a repairer, but when used in concert with another Waymaker, It can use his Link skill to create a permanent wormhole between the two. the worm hole will remain as long as the Waymaker is alive, until then, it can flood the front lines with troops just as a wormhole does.

2. The Buzzers are often mentioned in the campaign, but still , they are quite insignificant, as such, i think the Buzzers should have a commando in their style.

Name: Render
Race: Scrin
Type: Anti-infantry, anti-Structure
Role: the same as the other commandos
Abilities: Scatter, Rend ( a alternative of C4), Fast regeneration (Passive), Fuse
Weapon: Buz storm ( shoots multiple buzzers like bullets, has a shotgun effect that can kill up to 5 infantry every shot, shoots significantly slower than the other commandoes, about once a sec)
Needed: Static chamber, Techlab
Cost: 3000
Appearance: It appears as a black, humanoid thing that has claws as hands. it is constructed out of a very big swarm of Buzzers.

  • Scatter: The Renders form of fast traveling makes him change in a huge swarm of Buzzers, ripping organics to shreds as he goes. it is pretty much a variation of jetpack, other exept it cant go up cliffs, only through buildings and over ravines.
  • Rend: Rend is used in place of C4. the Render scatters up and rips a building appart in seconds, while killing everything that spawns out the target building. it clears garrisoned buildings and kills walkers without damaging the husk.
  • Fast regeneration: When a single buzzer is blown apart, the other takes place, quickly regenerating the Render. The renders armor is also anti- infantry, having a high immunity against Guns, snipers, and tiberium. unfortunatly, it fares extremely poor versus fire.
  • Fuse: Targeting any buzzer or hive with this will fuse the buzzer into the Render, healing him quickly.

3& 4. These are 2 another ideas, really have no explanation for it.
Name: Vaporiser
Race: Scrin
Type: Heavy Anti-Unit, Anti structure walker
Role: de-garrison, destructionAbilities: clear garrisonWeapons: Tib vapor grenade ( Effective against all ground targets, though the vaporisers armor is not made for direct tank on tank combat. the vapor cloud ignites after a second, wiping out infantry, and heavily damaging tanks. shoots every 4 seconds.
Cost: 2300
Needed: Nerve center
Upgrade: Forcefield generators
Appearance: the lower body is made out of a disc with 4 legs. the legs move slowly, but the disc allows the Vaporiser to turn at max speed. it has a big , armless torso with a triple barreled cannon as head.

Name: Convertion carrier
Race: Scrin
Type: All aspect, Light transport
Role: Transport, Destruction
Abilities: Over Grow
Weapons: Reverse Convertion beam( When ever it destroys a vehicle or building, it will leave tiberium behind. the weapon is not very effective against vehicles or aircraft, but slows them down), weapons of units aboard
Cost: 2500
Needed: Tech lab
Appereance: A spider with doors in him, and his teeth pointed forward to fire at the enemy with the converter. moves really fast.
Explanation: Overgrow : like the catalyst ,targeting any tiberium based unit or troop with this, will result in massive damage. other than the catalyst, the overgrow beam wont ignite the tiberium, but make it grow in size at massive speed, rending the target to pieces in a nice green explosion.

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GoldenArbiter Proud servant of Kane
May 6 2012 Anchor

I like the first idea, with the connector. Could use a better name, and maybe not have repair drones, but the repair aura associated with all Scrin repair structures.

As for the new commando, the Scrin Mastermind is already incredibly powerful, and they do not need another.

as for #3: No. Just no. This thing would be about 6x as powerful as a tripod, but at less cost. I'm honestly not sure what you were trying to make here, but it seems to me it would used as some sort of arty, which Scrin already has.

#4: I don't even know what to say to this one... maybe make it not target aircraft...


"Before enlightenment: Chop wood, fetch water. After enlightenment: Chop wood, fetch water." -zen proverb

May 11 2012 Anchor

1. i accept that critics, and renamed the connector to waymaker

2. though you gotta admit it is a awesome idea

3. it is not arty, but rather close range. it is purely for flanking tactics as aside from rifle fire, it cannot stand direct fire longer than a couple of seconds. it can be blasted away by 1 mammoth tank shot if not veteran or shielded ( it can withstand just another one, shame mammoth fires rockets) and if cornered by 2 rocket garrisoned buildings, it cannot even land the second shot. take on the fight with advanced base defence and you die before comming in range. if you manage to get a vaporiser in firing range without getting shot, only then you can make real dmg. up close it owns more than a cobra, but the projectile makes a instant impact. a heroic vaporiser, however, will take two mammoth tanks to stop ( as it will destroy the first seconds before he dies himself). so you see, this troop is meant purely for sneak attacks and hit-and-runs ( though it is slow).

4. the prize compensates for that, being insane in comparison of the scarab and apc . unless you load shockys in it it will take 4 of em to destroy anything that has a engine in decent time. and the slow is based on KWs tib troopers, the logic behind it that the tib makes it heavier and destroys the engine

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GoldenArbiter Proud servant of Kane
May 12 2012 Anchor

2. Yah, it is kind of a cool concept.

3. Still no. If you have ever been in a spam fight (which almost all online games turn into) this would have absolutely no place. short range weapons on an easy to kill platform are just a bad idea in any wartime scenario.

4. This has tactical applications, but almost seems to OP. Maybe instead of it actually doing damage to vehicles and buildings, just EMP them?


"Before enlightenment: Chop wood, fetch water. After enlightenment: Chop wood, fetch water." -zen proverb

May 12 2012 Anchor

3. ur right, spam tha shit and its game over

4. no, doing that would allow you to take down all base defences and strongest units while ur hexa annihilates them

thx for tha critics

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Jun 8 2012 Anchor

Utility unit for Scrin:
1.)I like the Waymaker or Connector or whatever name it can have. When having 4 of them and 2 works in conjuction with each other when deployed it can be great asset to mobility.But it will require removal of Wormhole Support power.Scrin also now can airlift their infantry with Ravager Gunship and Reaver can teleport anywhere. Repair drones are now useless,Scrin dont use them,nor need them.All ground units are healed by tiberium,tiberium aura from upgraded power plants(refinery is requirement for upgrade,so you can upgrade right from start),from ability of Corruptors.(throws "grenade" of tiberium aura) and from tiberium aura of deployed outposts.If one will do nothing(Link ability requires 2 of them),it could use atleast anti infantry or antiair attack,altough weak) Air units are healed in ion storms(Scrin airfield has permanent one above it)

2.) Buzzer commando. For real?! Giant buzzer swarm into humanoid appearance with claws?! Shotgun shooting buzzers?! Taking down 5 infantry in one shot?! For me it looks like you were inspired by NOD cyborg and cyborg commando.So now Scrin would have humanoid Stalwarts and Stalwart commando. But Scrin dont need something like Cyborg commando,only maybe a support unit. But not as Conqeror from 1.4 with decisive attack power and size.It will require removal of Mastermind and Scrin now has upgrades with shields,attack power,they have Gunship with ingenious ability,powerfull airfleet,Pacifiers that can take over ground units,Corruptors changes infantry into controllable contaminators.I am for C4 like ability(that can leave tiberium aura behind) but no need for fast regen, Scatter is flying buzzer swarm or what? Scrin has spawn swarm support power for that.Fuse,well Scrin are not some Zerg Queen with infusion ability.Simple repair should suffice. So, no to some buzzer nonsense, but Stalwart commando with clear garrsion,C4,invisibility,mobility sounds good IMHO.

3.)Some nonsense I dont event understand.We got Mantas with ion storms. Razorbacks,Ravager gunships,buzzers,Corruptors are not taking care of infantry fast enough? You can flank enemy with reavers,seekers,devourers. Not to mention airfleet.

4.) Light transport? Convertion carrier that moves really fast ?! That is Ravager gunship. I like the weapons that leaves tiberium aura behind but we've already spoken more than enough of it. Catalyst that destroys tiberium based units. Scrin are made from tiberium,they will not use weapon that will threaten them.Simply no.

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Smallchange GDI, 101st Airborn Division, Firehawk Pilot
Aug 27 2012 Anchor

I like 1 and possibly 4..

2 and 3, not so much.

also, not sure how i missed this post for so long -_-

Aug 28 2012 Anchor

:D I were pretty shocked too,when I get notification of this thread after so long time now. Colers is my friend from forums of Tiberium secrets. His power of phantasy,and detailed sophistication of his own ideas, that I could never ever dream of, is astounding. IMO sometimes even so fairy-tale like,that its impossible even for game ,unpractible and uncodable in that amazingly widely opened mind of worlds beyond worlds,of his.

GoldenArbiter Proud servant of Kane
Aug 28 2012 Anchor

He is definitely detailed.

Edited by: GoldenArbiter


"Before enlightenment: Chop wood, fetch water. After enlightenment: Chop wood, fetch water." -zen proverb

Oct 12 2012 Anchor

Waymaker is a good idea but as has been previously stated it would require the removal of the wormhole support power, they should be 2 way just like wormhole allowing enemies through as well as friendly troops, should be weaponless but have something like the scrin's old Phase Field ability when not deployed this would make it very hard to destroy when not in use and make it destroyable when deployed

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