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Nexus-Class Corvette
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Faithless Dark Creator
Faithless Dark

Awesome image is awesome. Looks like a Correlian Cruiser.
I see no problem with this ship.

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Ten10dix Author

Was thinking of calling it the CR200 or something xD.

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Headhunter128 Creator

I absolutely love this design! I want this so badly, but it would feel out of place in the Imperial fleets. Lol

Everything else seems okay, nothing jumps out at least.

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2 Dual Medium Turbo Lasers
4 Dual Heavy Laser Cannons
6 Concussion Missile Launchers

Hanger Capacity: N/A

Hull: Weak
Shields: Weak-Medium
Speed: Fast

The Nexus-Class Corvette is based of the Nexu Corvette previously used by the Gray Jedi, though not to the extent the Federation plans to use them. It is the main corvette of the Federation Fleets, able to fend of fighters thanks to its heavy laser cannons. It has 2 dual medium turbo laser cannons for light defense against other corvettes, and concussion missile launchers for use against frigates or corvettes. Of course, the Nexus wasn't designed for combat against larger ships, and it would be suicide to send ships like this up against enemy frigates.

It has decent shields, but a weak hull. This is due to the fact it mainly stays inside or behind Federation lines, to give that extra support to any larger ships such as the Tigon-Class, or to protect the Nelson-Carriers. Its speed allows it to quickly move about and lend support where it is needed, and to close any gaps which enemy fighters or bombers would exploit.

All in all, it is a decent Corvette, able to dispatch most fighters with relative ease, though suffers if up against anything else.

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