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Federation News: Master Fai retires from Politics
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Ori`verda Creator

*Assumes role of reporter.*

Does this mean the Federation will cease attacks on Sith strongholds?

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Ten10dix Author

OOC: xD. Good idea, though. Any questions and ask like Ori did :P

"The Sith are still considered criminals and enemies of state, and shall be hunted for their crimes against the Galaxy and its peoples. But as of now, no assaults are being planned. The Galaxy has been freed, and Peace has been restored. We shall be concentrating on securing our borders and rebuilding our infrastructure."

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Master Fai, former leader of the Resistance against the Empire and first Head of Council for the Federation, has announced that he shall be giving up his position and retiring from political life to live his last days reforming the Jedi Order. We asked him why, to which he replied:

"Power corrupts. It is as simple as that. Just look at Cronus. He may of been a great leader, but he failed as a Jedi. He let the corruption seep in, twist his mind and eventually consume him completely. He slaughtered the Jedi Order, killing thousands. That is inexcusable, and not something I ever want the risk of doing. A Jedi cannot be a position such as the Head of Council, it is far too powerful for someone as vulnerable as a Jedi."

"So who will take up your place?"

"Currently the Council is voting, and until then I shall stand in as Head of Council."

"And what will you do now?"

"I shall restore the Jedi Order, and live out the rest of my days as Grand Master. I shall protect the Federation from the Sith should they return, and defend the People of the Galaxy whenever possible, of course. Should the Federation need diplomats to solve disputes and stop wars, we are here. But no Jedi shall involve himself in the politics of other nations unless it is to stop a War."

Master Fai stated that before he resigned from politics for good, he would speak out in favour of the infamous Aaron Karax, better known as Darth Veritum, at his trial. The Trial will take place soon, on Ruusan.

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