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Krath War Droid mk II
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The Krath war droid was a powerful battle droid series created by the Krath, an organization of dark siders founded by the corrupt nobles of the Empress Teta system in 4,000 BBY.

Though Krath War Droids were humanoid in appearance, they could hunch down like animals and race at amazing speeds towards their targets, thanks to their gyro-balanced assembly systems. These droids were designed to surprise and overwhelm their enemies in devastating and deadly shock assaults. Despite being easy to manufacture, Krath War Droids had limited cognitive matrices and were programmed only to seek and destroy the greatest threat on the battlefield. Krath War Droids were thus often deployed in large numbers in order to overwhelm the enemy.

They were armed with a melee combat short sword for hacking at close range and a Pulse-wave firing assembly for long-range engagements. The attenuated induction spines on this weapon generated a pulse-wave charge and in a pinch could also be used as spear-like skewering/thrusting tools.

The Krath war droid later resurfaced in Galactic history as the reference for the droid frame that would hold the biological remains of Qymaen jai Sheelal, allowing him to become the feared General Grievous. Grievous's IG-100 MagnaGuard droid elite were similarly modeled on the Krath war droid.

I found the design schematics in the archives on the planet Ziost, and modified it with beskar armor and an enhansed combat module, alowing it to use any weapon a huminoid can, including lightsabers.

This design is part of Project Ironside.

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