This is a group for all of the Star Wars role-players on Mod DB to post their imaginary fleets for future battles.

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Operation Raiskus (Scarlet Carson)
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War! Creator

The cruiser kind of looks to small to be the super powerful ship you say,
but oh well... guess people don't like to draw anymore:P

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Ten10dix Author

I can`t draw xD.

It`s small but deadly, though its only real weakness is its lack of a variety of armement (ion cannons, missle launchers ect.). It can still tear apart any ship (if the ships shields are down xD).

Its durable and can pack a punch, plus has enough fighters to defend it from bombers and other fighters. It could stand up to about 3 ISDs for about an hour without losing its shields, but because of its lack of ion cannons it probably wouldn`t do much damage. (since they are experimental I may make a mass-produce version, though it would be alot weaker otherwise I`d go bankrupt xD).

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War! Creator

makes sence:)

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Operation Raiskus is a join effort between the MURC and the Tof Confederation to build experimental ships of great power. The first ship created by Operation Raiskus is the "Scarlet Carson". It is eqquiped with 44 Dual Heavy Turbo Laser cannons, meant for direct ship-to-ship combat and extremly effective at destroying its target. It also has 3 layers of shields, one ray (to stop phyiscal objects like missles) one ion (to decrease ion damage to shields) and one Super Heavy Shield Generetor acting as its primary shield. It has a complement of 50 Vengeance Mk2 fighters, and also includes 100 point laser defenses with a unique AI programmed to not only shoot down fighters but also to shoot down missles and intercept projectiles shot from mass driver launchers. It also has 2 Heavy Plasma Cannons protected by the fins at the front of the ship, that fire huge balls of plasma that can obliberate near enough any ship.

It is certainly a deadly ship, capable of holding of a medium sized Imperial fleet on its own. But its real strenght is being protected by the Cabur and bombarding enemy capital ships into oblivion.

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