A group for all the alpha testers of Samphi. Here we can share bugs, game suggestions and general development chat. If you would like to be a tester for Samphi then drop me (GreenyGames) a PM.

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A look into Alpha and why I'm entering Alpha Funding

A look into Alpha and why I'm entering Alpha Funding


With a date of 13th December 2013 set for the release of the alpha I'm posting the first real look into the game since 0.5. Let's take a look at the up-coming...

Samphi 0.5 Pre-Release Items

Samphi 0.5 Pre-Release Items


A quick overview of items added in 0.5 and some tips on gameplay that you might not know.

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GreenyGamesStudio Creator

Note. The latest update has a bug which means you can't create a new character.

If you downloaded 0.6 and created a character you can play 0.6.01 by just loading that data DON'T create a new character it'll wreck the game. Stupid bug i missed as i always load the same character.

I'm going to be submitting another build today so if you can't play you will be able to shortly.

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GreenyGamesStudio Creator

Testers. Hello. Never make a game. Ever.

I've run into issues I didn't even know existed which has made the release you have available now pretty bad. I've resubmitted a build that negates some of the main problems. I have big problems with screen tearing, the game messes up at certain resolutions and draw lines across the screen (noticed it on my macbook).

So yeah a new build is coming your way. When submitting bugs could you include your OS and screen resolution, it will really help!

Cheers :)

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GreenyGamesStudio Creator

The release has already been authorised so we’re ready to go. Here’s a couple of things to bear in mind before testing.

> Only freeplay is currently enabled. The story needs work so I simple turned it off for now.
> You are limited to one ‘area’ instead of 5. The area is longer so it shouldn't matter for testing purposes.
> Water blocks are turned off for now.
> Spiders won’t hurt you if they touch you.
> The XP system isn't plugged in. Same with happiness and health. Hunger should diminish over time.

The goal of this initial testing is mainly stability and general building crafting. Let me know how you get on. There's also no tutorial at this point so here's a crafting list of all recipes which should help. Indiedb.com

Remember, lots is turned off in this initial test and I will enable more as bugs get found.

One last thing, on December 13th the game enters alpha funding and I need a price. I have a rough figure in mind but what do you guys think is a fare price for the alpha? Bear in mind once you buy the alpha all future upgrades are free and there's lots of room to take the game. So yeah, what would you be willing to pay for the alpha?

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Back from hols and ready to help test

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GreenyGamesStudio Creator

Good Stuff! Hopefully not too far away from having some form of an Alpha ready to test. I've been implementing controller support recently as well so pads at the ready :)

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GreenyGamesStudio Creator

Hi Team. I have posted a news article on Samphi's main page explaining the delay with 0.6. Indiedb.com

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GreenyGamesStudio Creator

Just a quick note to explain lack of activity. I am lead artist on a afresh project so spending some time on this for a bit and butting Samphi on the back burner. Samphi is in NO way dead, it's just nice to have a new fresh project to break off with. I am still actively developing the game just at a slow pace.

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GreenyGamesStudio Creator

Hi Testers!

Just a heads up that i hope to have the first version of 0.6 available to you guys by the end of the coming week (17th). Lots of new features to test!

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Not sure if this bug has been found, but if I place a fire and delete the blocks under it it continues to float in the air. The beds, Benches and some other things I tested didn't so I think it's un-intentionall.

If you would like a picture I have one I can send to you.

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GreenyGamesStudio Creator

Hi Super,

That is most certainly a bug! Goo catch. I will get it fixed soon as.

Cheers :)

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