For all of us who support economic freedom, progress through market competition and the most important of all, individualism. Capitalism work when you do. Capitalist societies value risk taking and investment to grow enterprise and voluntary interactions to maximise social cooperation. This group is suited for libertarians, anarcho-capitalists or minarchists.

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«Here is the marvell: by choosing the route that is cheapest for your company you'll thereby choose what is best for society.»
Fair enough. what if the going around the money (cheaper way) is environmentally sepaking, a problem? How about the polution it causes to nearby towns, their buildings and the side cost it takes to "fix" it every year or month or whatever it takes? And if that town has a high birth rate? what about mothers and children? How about diseases, even lethal ones? how about the time it takes to deliver whatever it is that the train carries on? And if the country is at war and badly needs the oranges or the riffles or the nurses or whatever?

On a side quest, what if people who benefit from market flow decide to store their money and not to invest it? What would happen to the prices of that hypothetic town shown in the video? then what about the quality of the services?

«how will you begin to make sense of that amount of data?»
So, how did, historically, the soviet union industrialized? how did China start with feudalism and in a decade was in an industrialized position without private property?
The very same question for these countries, Cuba and others in the same corner after nationalizations? How did a country with nothing to offer such as Cuba promoted electrification of 90% of civil houses? Why did the previous Cuba cared less about it? Examples can go on if you want.

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TheUnbeholden Author

"Pollution, environment, diseases, time, foreign policy"

Govts that protect the environment, genetics, culture and provide for the social justice for its founding ethnic population will be needed for that. Not a central planning for a collectivization of all resources, removal of private property, wage labor, money and inheritance and/or class. In other words, right-wing govts can be the only ones to carry out what you said - because the leftists only take these common good causes on in order to push their agenda of a insane moral crusade against self-ownership & consequently on all business, farming, charity/small trade, property and all forms of identity in religion, culture/tradition, nation, ethnicity and race. The idea that all human beings are interchangable (nurture over nature), moral relativity, political correctness, nihilism, internationalist "mass" concept & all that matters is materialism (the pursuit of material gain & what you personally stand to benefit from any decision or endeavor) IS ALL NONSENSE.

Simply put Leftism doesn't work:

''Picture the building of a new railroad. Should it be built at all, and if so, which out of a number of conceivable roads should be built? In competitive and monetary economy, this wuestion would be answered by monetary calculation. The new road will render less expensive the transport of some goods, and it may be possible to calculate whether this reduction of expense transcends that involved in the building and upkeep of the next line. That can only be calculated in money. It is not possible to attain the desired end merely by counterbalancing the various physical expenses and physical savings.

Where one cannot express hours of labor, iron, coal, all kinds of building material, machines and other things necessary for the construction and upkeep of the railroad in a common unit it is not possible to make calculations at all. The drawing up of bills on an economic basis is only possible where all the godds concerned can be referred back to omoney. Admittedly, monetary calculation has its inconveniencees and serious defetcs, but we have certainly nothing better to put in its place, and for the practical purposes of life monetary calculation as it exists under a sound monetary system always suffices. Were we to dispense with, any economic system calculation would become absolutely impossible''. ~Mises

Communists have NEVER been able to answer the economic calculation problem (ECP) ever. You haven't either. Without prices that can reflect cost-effeciency under a common unit of measurement, there just isn't any way to even begin to make accurate decisions for the use of limited resources for thousands if not millions of people. This is why Communism survived on a huge black-market to meet the demands of people due to its ineffeciency in the form of shortages or unmet quota's. The latest on the debate was here and it never progressed any further:

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TheUnbeholden Author

" what if people who benefit from market flow decide to store their money and not to invest it? "

The state (a right-wing one) could interfere to prevent the money from being wasted on financial speculation, interest, rent (non-work) or in black markets.

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