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Valve has made ​​an official video that demonstrates Steam Controller.

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(Watch Steam Controller in use)

Valve has made ​​an official video that demonstrates Steam Controller.

Valve has recently posted a video that demonstrates how Steam Controller will be used. In the video plays engineer at Valve four different games. He begins with a first-person shooter Portal 2, before moving to Civilization V is a strategy game. The last two games are respectively Counter-Strike: Global Offense and indie game Papers, Please.

The controller seems to be very responsive and work right out of the box. None of the games they play are configured to work with Steam Controller. This means that in theory can play any game on Steam with this control.

Not directly new

This is not something new. There are several programs that allow you to use your controller to play a random PC games, regardless of manufacturer. An example of this is Xpadder.

Is whatever interesting to see how this develops. What do you think about Steam Controller? A gimmick by Valve, or a step in the right direction for the PC platform?


Promising, not that I'll use it but its something possibly better than clumsy thumbsticks.

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Touch tech not a great fav of mine, don't think I will be using unless I have no choice. :(

Happy with my 360 controller does the job great even if I after use Xpadder to support some of PC games that don't have gamepad support. :)

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