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In this tutorial I will show you how to change the music in the main menu, character select screen and versus screen.

Posted by Soul-Guardian on Jul 6th, 2010
Advanced Music.

Grab the song you want to use, and convert it to either
MP3 or OGG, using a music converter, such as Media Human Converter, or Easy MP3 Converter. I advise you to use a song that is 10 minutes long, at least, because Win-Mugen's repeat function is half screwed up, so there's a 50-50 chance that songs wont repeat on yours. Alternatively, use Audacity and edit your song to extend it to 10 minutes or more.
Go to your data folder and open the
system.def notepad you are currently using.

Find this section:

title.bgm =data/snd/KOF.mp3
title.bgm.loop =1
select.bgm =data/snd/KofSelect.mp3
select.bgm.loop =1
vs.bgm =data/snd/TechJam.mp3
vs.bgm.loop =1

Ok, now place the music you want to use in the Snd folder located in the data folder. Data/Snd
If you don't have a Snd folder, then create one.

Go to the quoted command line, eg Select.bgm and change the name of the song to your own, always following the correct path to the directory, where the song is located, and don't forget to add the extension to the file format.
For example, if your song is an
OGG file, then add the OGG file extension.

Remember to keep the song's name as short as possible, and it must not have any spaces.

Say you want to change the main menu music, and you want to use King of Fighter's Maximum Impact main menu theme.

Follow the example bellow.

title.bgm =data/snd/KOF.mp3
title.bgm.loop =1

Keep the loop always as 1 to repeat the music, otherwise it will stop playing. Though it not always works, so use a long song for it.

Save...and that's about it.

Remember to always type .mp3 or .OGG after the song name, for it to take effect.

If the mp3 doesn´t work, then use OGG.
The quality isn't as good, but should work better.

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tukerb117 Jul 6 2010 says:

there is no snd folder

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Soul-Guardian Author
Soul-Guardian Jul 7 2010 replied:

If in case you don't have a Snd folder, then create one.
Or you can place the song in any directory you like.
As long as the line is the same as where the song is located, it doesn't matter where you place the file.

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tukerb117 Jul 7 2010 replied:

but when i put it in the sound folder and i type the line in the notepad it never plays and it is a mp3 and i do .mp3 it just stays silent.

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Soul-Guardian Author
Soul-Guardian Jul 7 2010 replied:

Try making a new folder inside the data folder and name it snd.
then go to the line you want to change the song and type the directory there.

Note that if you place the song where the stage music goes, you only have ti type sound/nameofsong.mp3.

If you create a new folder in the data folder, then you have to type data/sound/nameofsong.mp3.

Also, download the plugin i have uploaded, as the basic mugen, or some screen packs do not support mp3 files as the main menu music.

Alternativelly, use a music converter and save the file as OGM or SND. and use the respective file extenction when you type in the line.

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OrangeNero Jul 8 2010 replied:

did you just renamed it into .mp3 or is it a real mp3? rename and converting is not the same

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Soul-Guardian Author
Soul-Guardian Jul 9 2010 replied:

True, make sure the file is an mp3, and you just didn't rename it.
Also, if you place a SND file, make sure you use the SND extention instead of mp3.

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darthnickj Jan 21 2013 says:

I can't get it to work at all...here's what I did:
1.Added the songs to the "sound" folder and gave them the simplest names ever.
2.Went to data, system.def, and put the names of the songs as .mp3 files
3.After testing it for 3 freaking times, I found another system.def under "mugen1" in the data and tried doing that
4.Rip my freaking hair out over how frustrating it is.

I can get mp3's to perfectly work like a dream with stages, but I can't do it with the screens. Please help!

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Soul-Guardian Author
Soul-Guardian Feb 21 2013 replied:

Try converting the files to ogg format. it should work.

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szemi May 28 2013 says:

I have "loop = 1", but despite of that the music still stops. :/ What to do?

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Soul-Guardian Author
Soul-Guardian Oct 13 2013 replied:

2 methods, one: add another line in front of it, like so.

method 2: use a longer song or use audacity to extend the song to like 10 minutes or so.
Alternatively download a song that's 10 mins or so.

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