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The Prussian Empire is Born!
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Headhunter128 Creator
Headhunter128 Jun 8 2012, 5:22pm says:

That was a really quick siege... Lol

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lord_of_pain Creator
lord_of_pain Jun 8 2012, 6:37pm replied:

There was a seige? O.o

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Headhunter128 Creator
Headhunter128 Jun 8 2012, 7:16pm replied:

Nah, I misunderstood the first line. Unless he doesn't own Marienburg, then I was right :P

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Namegen Author
Namegen Jun 8 2012, 9:19pm replied:

lol no seige, it is the capitol of my empire :)

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Jun 9 2012, 8:38am says:

*A Priest from the Papal States enters the Citadel, flanked by two Holy Knights. He walks up to Niterus, opens a large scroll and begins reading it.*

"To Emperor Niterus, former Grand Master of the Teutonic Order and Holy Knight in the Pope Augustus II's service.

The founding of your Empire has been seen as an act of Greed and Corruption, which stains the good name of Christians in all of Europe. Unless explanations as to why this so called "Prussian Empire" was made, and why you defected from your Holy Duty, are given, I will be forced to respond by sending my Armies to obliberate you, in the name of His Holiness.

Signed, Lord Ghorm, Captain of the Popes Holy Guard, and General Honoricus, General of the Papal States Army."

*The Priest sits down on a nearby table and begins preparing another, blank, scroll to begin writing down Niterus' reply. The Holy Knights still flank him, looking at Niterus, and his guards, all former Teutonic Knights, with disgust.*

OOC: What you say now could be the difference between life and death, remember that. And Ghorm has it in for you, and since he has the ear of the Pope... xD. Note that speaking to the Pope directly and explaining things may help, but Ghorm does have a few "contigency plans" availible.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Jun 9 2012, 12:34pm replied:

OOC: What happened to Julianus? I do like the name Honoricus too BTW and I call dibs on "Corintus" and "Victus" and yes they are from ME3.

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Jun 9 2012, 4:23pm replied:

OOC: I lost track of the names xD.
Ghorm: Captain of the Guard
Honoricus: Papal States General
Julianus: Second General? Or maybe second in command.

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Namegen Author
Namegen Jun 9 2012, 6:22pm says:

*Niteris stood up and walked over to his captain of the guard and whispered something in his ear. He left the room and began making preparations to head to Rome.

"I shall be going to Rome myself to speak to explain to the holy father why i have done the things i have done." Niteris explained.

"I am taking an escort of 20 Ritterbruders with me as the road is perilous and i dont want to risk being hampered along the way." Niteris continued.

He walked over to the balcony overlooking the bailey.

"How ever, if one single soldier of the Papal States steps foot on Prussian soil, his head will be fed to the dogs and the forces of Prussia will march to war." Niteris said flatly.

"Now i shall see you in Rome, father." Niteris said.

He exited the throne room and went to his chambers where he put on his armor. He mounted his horse in the bailey with his other Ritterbruders and together they headed for Rome.

Inside and outside, hammers still pounded away. Lords gathered their forces. Meat and grain was being gathered for the troops and the road was becoming muddy from all the travel.

Duke Christophe has taken command of the Citadel and is over seeing the preparations. He has taken up his quarters in the top tower room.

In the throne room, 12 Ritterbruders eye the Holy Knights with impatience. They were waiting for them to leave.*

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Jun 9 2012, 8:06pm says:

*The Priest looked up. He seemed nervous. He would go to speak to the Pope himself? This wasn't part of the plan. He glanced up at the two Knights. They looked on, their faces calm and controlled, though they to were worried. If the Pope found out how far the corruption had spread throughout Europe, the real Corruption, Civil War could engulf it for millenia. The Priest finished writing, and walked out of the room. The Knights bowed their heads slightly, and left with him. They all get on their horses and travelled back to Rome.*

*A few weeks later.*

*The Priest enters Ghorms quarters, having only recently gotten back from his journey.*

"What news do we have of "Emperor" Niterus?" Ghorm asked, looking up from the numerous papers he had spread out on his desk.

"My... Milord, the... Niterus is going to speak with... The Pope, milord, he will speak with the Pope personally."

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Jun 9 2012, 8:06pm says:

*Silence. Ghorm stood up, slowly, looking at the Priest. With one, fluid movment, his hand lashed out and the glint of the a knife could be seen leaving his sleeve. The Priest fell to the ground.*

"Dispose of the body."

*The Knights at the door nodded, picking the body up. Ghorm walked over and wrenched the knife from the Priests body, cleaning it delicatly with a small silk blanket. He walked out to his balcony, overlooking most of Rome, and began thinking. He couldn't let Niterus speak with the Pope. Although Niterus had nothing tangible, if the Popes interest was sparked it would very possibly destroy what Ghorm, and many others, had been working on for years, nearly a lifetime. Two options remained if he was to be certain his plans could be kept. Both resulted in the Death of someone of great importance. Either Niterus... Or Augustus II. Ghorm turned and walked over to his desk, sitting down and putting the knife back into his sleeve. A rather ingenious invention, that sleeve was.*

*Ghorm smiled to himself. Or maybe Niterus, who had recently been suspected of Treason and Corruption, would kill "His Holiness" in a fit of rage...? It could be arranged, and would clear away Ghorms problems immediatly... Niterus being blamed for the Death of the Pope. Then the plan could go back on scheldue... He hoped.*

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Namegen Author
Namegen Jun 9 2012, 8:24pm says:

*Niteris and his Ritterbruder enter the city of Rome a week later, dusty and covered in mud. His clothes were soaked and he stank from not taking a shower in so long.

He walked up to the Vatican and entered the great church, nodding to the guards at the doors.

"I must speak with the father. I must see him now!" Niteris shouted.

The 20 Ritterbruders fanned out to the left and right of Niteris. They eyed everyone with suspicion. They knew that something was happening, and so they were ready for anything.*

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Jun 9 2012, 8:32pm says:

*The guards observed Niterus cautiously. His shouting was attracting the attention of more guards, around 20 of them gathered around the Ritterbruders. They had their hands on their swords, but made no move. A Priest exited the Church, whispering into one of the Guards ears. The Guard nodded, and spoke.*

"The Pope will see you. Alone."

*Archers appeared, some on the rooves of buildings, some on the ground. Holy Knights from the Order of the White Rose, Knights trained and loyal to the Captain of the Popes Personal Guard, Lord Ghorm, walked up to the Church, drawing their swords. All 50 of them were present, and they surrounded the Ritterbruders along with the original 20 Guards.*

"You are allowed to bring your weapons, though that is it. The Pope is awaiting you inside, along with Lord Ghorm."

*The Guards opened the door, gesturing for Niterus to enter. The Pope, in his White Robes, was visible sitting on his Throne. Ghorm could be seen beside him.*

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Namegen Author
Namegen Jun 9 2012, 8:35pm says:

*He eyed the Holy knights with suspicion.

"Let me bring 2 Men. I dont trust any of you blasted knights." Niteris said.

He could see the father siting on his chair and Ghorm, his most hated rival, seated next to him, smiling. There was something in his eyes that made Niteris shiver but he ignored the feeling.*

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Jun 9 2012, 8:37pm says:

"His Holiness was most insistant. You shall go in, alone. Your Ritterbruders may stand by the door, though it must be closed, to stop any of us entering. You may send 2 Knights in first to scout out, to look for any hidden Knights or men in the Church if you wish, but when you go in you must be alone."

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Namegen Author
Namegen Jun 9 2012, 8:39pm says:

*Niteris hesitated.

"Father, forgive me for not greeting face to face but why not go for a stroll down the streets? It is a rather lovely day and that way all of our knights can protect us if any harm were to come about." Niteris said loudly into the throne room.

The Ritterbruders had their hands on their blades half drawn. They knew something wasnt right here.*

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Jun 9 2012, 8:43pm says:

*The Priest dissapeared for a few minutes, walking down to the Pope. He returned, and spoke.*

"His Holiness does not trust you at all. Your actions, explained to him by the Honorable Sir Ghorm, have been... Rather suspicious. His Holiness believes it best if only the three of you met, Ghorm to ensure the His protection, as He is agaisnt Violence, unless it is agaisnt Heretics, and you, as you wished to speak with Him in the first place."

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Namegen Author
Namegen Jun 9 2012, 8:45pm says:

*Niteris was sweating at this point.

"One of my men on the inside at the door. That is all i ask." Niteris said desperately.

He needed another man inside, he just needed one.*

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Jun 9 2012, 8:49pm says:

*The Priest returned to the Pope yet again. He came back, and spoke.*

"His Holiness accepts your request, but if you are to have an additional man, then so is He. Ghorm has suggested a suitable, and honorable, Knight from the Order of the White Rose. Would a Sir Thomas step forward?"

*A large Knight, indeed, the largest and arguably strongest Knight present, stepped out. He wielded a large Sword in one hand, and a large shield in the other. His helmet was on, and so the expression on his face was hidden.*

"Now will you chose your other Knight and enter? His Holiness' patience is wearing..."

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Namegen Author
Namegen Jun 9 2012, 8:52pm says:

*Niteris smiled and turned to the gathered Knights.

"If anything should happen in there, know that it was not i as i will leave all of my armor and weapons behind and stripe to nothing but my think shirt and breeches." Niteris said.

He removed all of his weapons and armor and showed the crowd that he had no hidden weapons. He called a knight who he had never met personally and had him leave all his weapons behind as well. He carried only his armor.

The two of them stepped inside and the knight stood to the right of the door with his arms crossed.

Niteris walked slowly towards the pope and bowed deeply.

"Your Holiness." Niteris said.*

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Jun 9 2012, 8:56pm says:

"Rise, Niterus. Now speak, and quickly, for I am losing my patience. Wasting time speaking to... Someone like you disgusts me. Speak."

*Augustus II stared down at Niterus, The man had strippe down to nearly nothing. The Popes disgust was visible on his face. Ghorm bowed his head down as Niterus got up, mocking him with that simple gesture. He waved his hand, and Sir Thomas left the room.*

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Namegen Author
Namegen Jun 9 2012, 9:02pm says:

*Niteris swallowed hard and began to speak.

"Your holiness, what ever has come out your captains mouth is either false or lacks proof. I have decided that to best serve Christendom, my people needed to be united under one banner as an Empire. That way we can serve no one but his holy father as before we answered to the Holy Roman Emperor." Niteris explained.

"We are still doing our duty by protecting the north against the pagan hordes. But we are doing it in a more sophisticated way." Niteris continued.

"But that is only one of the reasons why i am here." Niteris said.

"Ghorm has told me things, things that i do not believe you would say." Niteris said.

"He said that you called the English.. heretics.." Niteris said quietly.*

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Jun 9 2012, 9:10pm says:

"Niterus, Holy Orders like the Teutonic Order are not meant for Personal Gain and Conquest like the Empires and Kingdoms of others. They are meant to be pure! They are meant to serve the Christian Nations and defend them, they are a Holy Order of Knights. They are not meant to become an Empire, least not without my Holy Permission. I have to share Ghorms view on this, it does not support your case and makes you seem as if you are Greedy and Power Hungry."

"As for the English, Ghorm has spoken of them and their "Heretical Ways", but it comes from a biased point of view and his innate hatred of the English Nation. I have spoken to him about it before, but he always is suspicious of them."

*The Pope glanced at Ghorm. Ghorm looked at the Pope and looked back at Niterus, then at the Knight he had brought with him. Ghorm smiled.*

"I dearly wish that what Ghorm tells me is wrong, but the evidence agaisnt you is far too much for me just to ignore..."

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Namegen Author
Namegen Jun 9 2012, 9:15pm says:

*Niteris felt his anger surge but he kept it in check.

"I have had enough of this. Call me what you will, but when you look up and see Ghorms dagger in your heart, cant say that i didnt warn you." Niteirs said coldly.

"I am going back to defend the north against the enemies who wish to burn our churches and rape our women. But i guess that is not important enough for lords as high and mighty as your selves." Niteris said.

He got up and walked out, with out even bowing. He put on his armor and picked up his weapons and mounted his horse.

"I thought that you, Augustus, would listen to reason. I was wrong, it seems." Niteris said quietly.

The Ritterbruders mounted up and together the group headed out for Prussia. They did not want to know what had made their Emperor so sullen and upset.*

OOC: Brand me a traitor, call me a heretic. But i will not stand by while the pope listens to the lies and deceit of his own captain. I am going back to marienberg where i belong.

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Jun 9 2012, 9:21pm says:

*Before Niterus could leave, the Pope called after him. Ghorm looked at the Pope, a look of fury in his eyes only for a moment, but then restored to the look of the calm and controlled Ghorm that he always was. The Pope stood and walked up to Niterus, holding his hand out for Niterus to kiss. Ghorm tried to see what was happening, but the Pope was blocking his view. In the Popes hand, a piece of paper was visible. As Niterus, reluectuntly bowed down to kiss his hand, the Pope turned it and gave him the Paper. He then turned and sat down at his throne.*

"Now begone, before I have to call the Guards and have you thrown out."

*On the paper, was a simple word, written in red:*


OOC: Heh... Thought it would be a nice plot twist. Hopefully, when I'm finished, Europe will be at War and there will be plenty of chances for land grabs and huge battles and lots of Wary stuff.

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Namegen Author
Namegen Jun 9 2012, 9:29pm says:

*Niteris and his men rode as far as the city gates before Niteris thought of an idea.

"No matter what happens, remember that God is watching us and will determine weather or not we are faithful by the actions we are about to commit." Niteris said to his men.

He reeled his around and came into view of the Vatican. With him rode the city watch captain and 30 Guards.

"Captain Ghorm, you and your Order of Knights are placed under arrest by order of Emperor Niteris and Captain Julianos (idk), Head of the Rome Ctiy Watch." Niteris shouted.

"You are placed under arrest for conspiracy to commit murder, Murder, corruption, black mailing, thievery, bribery, and many other crimes. Come in peace of we shall bring you all out by force." Niteris shouted once more.

The Ritterbruders had their swords drawn, as did the city watch. Niteris had shown the captain the letter and had told him of his fears about Ghorm. He had decided to act with Niteris.*

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Jun 9 2012, 9:34pm says:

*Ghorm got up. He walked over to Niterus, regarding him with a playful expression.*

"I'm sorry, you would condemn me on what bases? A word written on a piece of paper? What do you have to say to this, Your Holiness?"

*The Pope looked at Niterus with both despair and anger.*

"I... You... Without evidence, nothing can be proven. The accusation is dropped and Ghorm remains... Innocent. Now please, do not bother me again."

*Julianus looked confused, then apologised. He glared at Niterus, and ordered his men to return to their duties.*

*Ghorm simply grinned.*

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Namegen Author
Namegen Jun 9 2012, 9:41pm says:

*Niteris stood, stunned. He did not know what to do, so he just stood there stunned.

"You.. You little bastard! Ill Kill you!" Niteris shouted but 3 men restrained him. He struggled to get free but only got a punch to the chest. He looked up into the eyes of his Guard Captain, he only saw fear.

He stopped struggling and mounted his horse.

"You will pay for all of this, Ghorm. Mark my words! YOU WILL PAY!" Niteris shouted as he stormed off with his Ritterbruders in hot pursuit.*

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Jun 10 2012, 4:06am replied:

OOC: In short, what happened?

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*Niteris storms through the gates of Marienburg and rides up to the Citadel. He dismounts and runs up to his balcony and the lords and counts and dukes of Prussia assemble below him.

"Lords, The Teutonic Order is fading away. In its stead, the Prussian Empire has been born! With no obligations to anyone but her Emperor, Niteris! Squire, raise the new flag." Niteris said.

The old flag of the Teutonic order is lowered and the trumpets blare as the new flag of Prussia is raised in its stead.

"Assemble the Forces! Prepare for War! I want the army ready to march in a fortnight!" Niteris shouted as he hastily put on his plate armor.

Riders stormed away, dozens upon dozens of them. All bearing orders of assembly. The Ritterbruder would become the Royal Guard of Prussia and the Halbruder would become elite infantry as would the other members of the old Teutonic Order.

In the fields outside the walls, forces gather. Wagons of food are brought up and blacksmiths hammer away, fixing sword and armor alike.*

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