“Legend of the Peach Girl” is a game based on Japanese folklore in
which an elderly couple discovers a baby girl in the middle of a large
peach. These poor farmers and ex militiaman raised the baby as their
own flesh and blood, naming her Momoko. They taught her everything that a
young girl needed to know to survive in the world, cooking, cleaning,
reading and writing. Upon her fifteenth birthday, a band of fierce
ogres invaded the surrounding mountain villages, subjecting them to
pillaging. Momoko, knowing that these farmers were not her birth
parents, decided that in order to properly show her thanks to these
people who raised her so well; she would force the ogres to leave the
villages, making it safe for the elderly couple to continue their

With the help of three mischievous animal spirits, the player takes
the role of Momoko as she travels through the mountains to find the ogre
king and restore the mountainside back to its ordinary, peaceful self.

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