A group reserved to all the fan of Kenshi and that bough it, play the demo and... Well, let's make it simple, it is reserved for evryone. Please not that Chris (the developer) is propably not coming here, so if you have any suggestions for the game, I recommand you to go post it on the official forum instead because this group is everything but not official :P

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Kenshi, a wonderful game

Kenshi, a wonderful game


Propably one of the most unique game created! Well, if its not, it is for the devs...


A question: Is there a forum where people brainstorm about what would be awesome to add to Kenshi at some point?

I looked around but couldn't find one.

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Hi fellow Kenshi lovers and maybe some sushi lovers!!

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I can't believe I never saw this group :O


(Sorry about this stupid comment but... Prescription painkillers for wisdom teeth extractions are A-Okay!)

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Some Kodo Drum knock offs (as a license to play their music would be expensive) would be great. Look em up.

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Kenshi is a completely awesome game.
Its going to be one of the best games ever made, provided Captain Deathbeard follows his heart.
I place it high up in my shelves. Right beside Half-Life, Spawn: In the demon's hand, Legacy of Kain, Mechwarrior 3, EVE Online, Homeworld, Sonic Adventure, RE: Code Veronica, San Francisco RUSH 2049, Limbo, Minecraft, Starcraft, X3: Reunion, Coldwinter, Sniper Elite, Beasts and Bumpkins, Lode Runner 2, Space Empires III, Syndicate (Bullfrog's Syndicate), BLACK, Shadow of The Colossus, Battlefront II, Shadow of Rome, Rogue Trooper, Swiv 3D, Tank Arena, SWEP I: Racer, Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2, Vigilante 8: Second Offense, GTA 2, and last but one of the best: Rockstar's Wild Metal.

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well you all know about the new update for kenshi. it's nice that they added a day to night cycle, but personalloy i think the sould have added ambient sounds to the game. background music it's problly not in the budget. but it would be nice the game coming together so quickly and all but there is much work to be done

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Last I read, he was still looking for a professional sound guy (or gal). And really, that'll probably be one of the last things implemented as the core development continues, major bugs fleshed out, various other dynamics. I won't lie, I'm eagerly awaiting to hear the sounds of dozens of swords clashing and the agonizing groans of the fallen myself. It will rock.

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TheBird956 Creator

I need someone with a good writing to publish some news and keep us an active content. As you may have noticed, I am really bad at writing..

So if you think you can do the job, just send me a message. I will accept 3 people to do the job.

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