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Favourite music soundtracks for games. (Groups : Irish Group : Forum : Music Discussion : Favourite music soundtracks for games.) Locked
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Apr 16 2009 Anchor

What is yours?

I'm going to be fairly typical and say the Finall Fantasy series and Chrono Trigger. I simply love Nobuo Uematsu's work.

Although Killer7's soundtrack is brilliant also.

Apr 16 2009 Anchor

For me it has to be The sound track From Mirrors edge.
After that it tied between hl2 ep2, Metal Gear solid (any of them) and halo(any).

Apr 16 2009 Anchor

Metal gear solid does have brilliant soundtracks.

I have never actually played Mirrors edge, but I've heard alot about it. I will have to check it out!

Any body else ever hear the Killer7 soundtrack? Like the game it is fairly out there and varied, great stuff though.

Especcially the really cheesy Japanese stuff :carefree:

Jul 2 2009 Anchor

Heavenly Sword has a fairly epic soundtrack, as does farenheight.

Jul 13 2009 Anchor

Farenheit is a game I have been dying to play for ages, is it worth getting?

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