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*UPDATED 12-12-2012 with DirectX needed to run it* If game freezes on loading close to end of loading, replace "dividetexturesize=1" in your setup.ini with "dividetexturesize=2" This is the concurrent Level 5 as Public Alpha Cut. PUBLIC means everyone can have it, so we haven`t included any fancy team secrets like very special shadercodes. ALPHA means it`s not in the stage for balancing and final beta testing, still some polishing to do. However, it can be played till the levels end both shooter style and tinker way. CUT means we have taken out some things that would spoiler too much from the previous levels: - The Mission Log described here: has been removed, all necessary hints are provided as voice overs. - Enemy types have been reduced to 1 enemy ty, as the others in this level are not yet announced. - Cutscenes are substituted with nightvision sequences as the movie cutscenes aren`t shot yet - 2 puzzles removed as they rely on previou skills and informations

Into the Dark 100% Playable L5 Public Alpha Cut

Having dowloaded this one in the morning, I signed up just to tell you that your game is not as good you might think.

It is better than that. It is...


What you have put up here as "Alpha" is by far more polished than many Triple A games on release. The quality of the game is not only "excellent" compared to indie games, it`s also excellent compared to 50-Euro-game created with millions of dollars of budget.
I have NEVER seen so good textures (holy ****, the floorwith the lions looks so awesome!!!) in an indoor scenario, and the lighting is so incredibly awesome I keep standing in the office room looking around.
I have also never seen a humor like this one incorporated in a game. It reminds me of the Evil Dead movies and Dogma alike.
The puzzle with the vent below the roof was a tough one first, but when I figured it out...

I would say that this masterpiece already surpasses all commercial horror games on all levels, however, I won`t stick to that because its another genre, another type of game - you can`t compare that.
It`s dark and creepy sometimes, but it has such a great 80ies humor and trashmovie remedies I would say you created something totally new at all.

This is the best gameplay experience I have seen for the last 2 years.
Tell me what you charge, I`ll pay it NOW if I get the game on release...

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IvanErtlov Author

Thank you, AngryRob, very friendly words from your side.

However I have to state that:

- there are still many flaws (AI doesn`t jump over obstacles, Gamma Correction missing) that make me see this as Alpha.

- most of the textures are from the Metro Theater pack, but yes, the lion floor and the tapestry were made by us.

- The best horror game ever is Call of Cthulhu.

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Download @ GameFront is borked. Chrome is choking on the file download due to an issue on their end, it seems.

"Error 349: Multiple Content-Disposition headers received. This is disallowed to protect against HTTP response splitting attacks."

There an alternate download available anywhere?

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IvanErtlov Author

Try this one:


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Wonderful, truly a masterpiece.

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IvanErtlov Author

Thanks a lot. Spread the word and keep giving feedback, even critics are wanted in order to improve :)

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My feedback after playing this alpha:

The game is really well done, especially for a low budget indie project.

I liked the whole atmosphere and the overall graphic style. You also did a great job at adding B-Movie styled humor to the game - I really had to smile at some parts!

Now to some things that you have to improve:

I had the feeling that the whole AI is a bit unpolished, for example some enemies stucked at some objects etc.

The performance of the game was quite well, but when I flooded the whole level the frame rate went down to 8 to 10 FPS althrough I think my PC isn't that bad (Intel Core i5, AMD Radeon 6770m, 4gb ram)

Overall it was really fun to play, and I hope you release some new footage soon!

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IvanErtlov Author

8-10 should be impossible, I have the same rig here running it on 45 average and on 28-33 when flooded. The AI is very basic stock AI, it will improved heavily.

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is this on the psp

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Serygala Online

Of course not, you dimwit!
About the alpha:
Actually, I don't like it yet (YET!). But seeing how people react to it, I'm the only one and I'm kind of an ******* anyway so thats okay. :)

You guys are working on the bought textures and sounds a little bit more right?

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IvanErtlov Author

yes of course.

And yes, you ARE an *******, but I got used to that over the years ^^

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Cant download -.-"

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You're using own written engine ?
Maybe id tech 4 or similar ?

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