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polandball comics
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A tank! Quickly, aim for its turret! Wait! I said turret not tower! Oh well, too late...

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Splendid. Job well done PolandBall

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[$#!T-Happens] Online

out of all of these comics... its the one that doesn't have any words, and subsequently no bad spelling and grammar, that i understand....

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Kalga Creator

Expert marksmanship! As expect of Polandball...

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His Acurracy is good. The trecherous France betreyed and surrender. I will du as the PolandBall guy do. But I will hit it on purpose

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After WWI:

Britain: "Sure France, we'll keep the nasty Germans away if it comes to another world war"
America: "count us in, we still kinda owe you for the Civil War cannons and that sweet statue"
Australia: "meh, if Britain tells us to go we'll go..."
the rest of Europe: "only if we have to"

Germany invades Europe

France: "this is why we said to bomb them six months ago"
rest of Europe: "shiiiiiiiii-"
America and Britain: Oh just give Germany a bit of territory, it'll blow over"

Germany reaches France

France: "well, we've already spent all our money and ammo holding Germany back from the rest of Europe, no point wasting our soldiers' lives too... thanks for the backup guys"
Australia: "We'll be there just as soon as we've kicked Germany out of Africa"
America: "We'll be there once we've got organised after Pearl Harbour"
Britain: "uh... sure... once we're not worried about Germany invading us we'll come... but you see that channel is so wide..."

France was the only country which stood up to Germany in the months before WWII, the first to send troops and supplies to her allies when war broke out, the last major Continental European power to surrender after spending everything to help out their neighbours... and they're the traitors who surrendered?

Britain is the country responsible for Germany's poverty at the start of WWI anyway, and what are they doing? Covering their *****, handing off bits of land anywhere they can to keep Germany happy, and sending colonial troops to hold borders on the other side of the world while they save up for an invasion which NEVER COMES

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You can say this this. But . . .

But the country I live the France and Britain "dare" to give OUR territory to Germans without even asking US >:(

So who was the bad guys here HUH

If you know the history then you definetly know even this RIGHT :)
So zero ***** given about the "Bravery of France" their was eny. If France didnt have Algerians who else will fight for them?? Even the "Legion" was made up from foreigners. French only was doing them officers and that dont mean a **** they didnt fight.

So NO I dont give **** about GOOD French Ponfrits.


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Wow poland flag looks exactly like a electrode (pokemon)

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