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In respect of recent 'The Legendary Return of the Flashlight' news, I'd like to make clear some points.

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Hi all;
The recent news, The Legendary Return of the Flashlight has been receiving mixed reactions. It's pretty much what I expected. When you try a new gameplay mechanic, it's obvious that some people will like, while others do not.

First of all, this is not what final game will look like, or feel like. It's still work in process. So, everything you see might or might not be in final game. Or there might be better versions. Never forget this. (In a manner of speaking this mod might not even see the release) haha, joking of course!

Well, the flashlight is a special case. That said, you will not hold it every step throughout the game. It will come to your hands in some special scenes, which will not be that much. And keep this secret, the video you've seen is from 4th level, which means you will not see this flashlight until then.
I'm designing levels so that you won't need an external source of light, except some special occasions.

I'd like to add one more thing. No one out there, aside from people I shared, knows the story or the symbolism I'm trying to recreate. Even some of them does not know the symbolic meanings of events. Everything you will see or encounter has a meaning to story. I can understand if most of you haven't played a game full of symbolism like Umineko or Silent Hill.
By 'old-school', I'm not even sure what I'm trying to tell; but this is for sure: if you won't be able to follow the story bit by bit, trying to find the correlation between events, past and now, what David sees, what notes, Dr. Sofia and Grace tells him, then you won't be able to enjoy this game. And this is a vital point for my future projects: Old-school type storytelling is not dead for sure, but is it worth for work?
So, if you are still willing to solve the meanings, here's a tip for you:

Truth always illuminates your mind; but not always brings happiness to your heart.
Illumination is a heavy burden on your shoulder, be careful what will happen just before the beholder.


Umineko...didn't expect to see a reference to that anywhere. That gives me some hope regarding a good plot.(Though the Artwork of the VN sucked...wish they would rework it to Type Moon's standards)

Thing is, the Flashlight is great, but having to hold it with your hand like that is a pain...I think Penumbra handled it well you know. I get what you're going for here, but it kills atmosphere in my opinion to have to hold down a mouse button and physically see the flashlight out in front of you.

It looks weird, and forced, the way you hold it, even in Amnesia, you held the lantern up close with your hand.

To just see the Flashlight floating there just...I dunno, seems odd. Still, looking forward to this.

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Keep up the good work bud. Being a "proper" horror fan, and a fan of exploring new mechanics, I loved your flashlight idea. It is both a mental and physical realistic implementation. Holding your flashlight out in front of you, being scared witless, how many people can properly coordinate with a weapon or locked door? Tunnel vision becomes normal vision in fear like that.

Looking forward to this brilliant little level and I think you have the proper makings for one of the best Amnesia modders at the moment.

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Well, I think most people can open a door and hold a flashlight. The fact you can't do that in this is kinda crazy.

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Tanshaydar Author

Daystranger can hold a flashlight and run and open doors and even eat a cheeseburger. But that's not the point.

Having player forced to replace some actual game files is out of question for me. It's quite possible to make it in hand, however, all other custom stories has lantern, actual game has lantern, even DLC has lantern; and if I were to replace game files, I'd broke all others. Not a fair trade. So no.

I see, still I cannot correct the misunderstanding. Many think they will have to carry that thing all they long. It will be used in two or three situation, then puff. As C-zom hinted, there is a situation for both mental and physical realms. I wasn't gonna say this, but...
"David is a patient in an Asylum [...] Who are you going to believe?" As the player, as the person embodies David, how can you believe David himself? 'Who are you going to believe?' not only includes Dr. Sofia and Grace, but also includes very himself of David.

This mod is based on story-telling. Everything serves to the one purpose: story.

BTW, PS3 remake of Umineko has some excellent visuals, even better than the anime. Some fans are trying to re-make the original episodes. Here:
There is also voice patch. Looks like it'll be far better than FSN vn.

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Bullcrap. It won't be better than Fate / Stay Night. Type-Moon are Gods of the Visual Novel world. Every other studio wishes they could be them. Tsukihime is their greatest masterpiece and it's not a far stretch to say that VN changed my outlook on life somewhat. I've been kind of a VN freak after that, and have read all the ones worth reading that have been translated.

Thanks for the link though, I really cannot stand the original art for Umineko. I know it's not all about graphics lol, but this is supposed to be a dark and serious story...but it's drawn like a 5 year old did it in their spare time. Atmosphere is totally killed off when it's supposed to be a grim story, and then you see this:

And now this:

Much better.

And Tansha, it shouldn't be out of the question. You should say "Warning: this will replace game files, so backup your game" ectera. I think it's fine, alot of mods work around hard limits like this.

Your mod could be truly amazing, but you are limiting yourself. People would easily be willing to replace these files and make a secondary folder for the game to play it in all it's glory. The whole point of modding is so that you can do what you normally can't do in a game, create new stuff, ect.

And yes, what you described is basically Korsakovia, which you said in another post, so I already guessed it would be quite alike.

I'm already heavily impressed by you, make no mistake...all the custom stories so far for Amnesia use base content and just rehash the game. I liked Amnesia, I played it, I beat it, I don't want to play it again. I like the physics Engine though, the Engine itself, and the atmosphere it creates, and hence your mod intrigues me greatly. The fact you're limiting yourself because "replacing actual game files" is out of the question is quite sad.

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Tanshaydar Author

Hey, not every gamer is like you. I made a Turkish language pack for the actual game and half of the people in my country were unable to install it. I know most of the people will be unable to backup the files or understand why they have flashlight in other mods. They basically will say "This mod is crap, broke the game for me", and I'll lol at them. HPL2 is not free as much as Source is.

BTW, David has no Dementia or Korsakoff's Syndrome or Schizophrenia or something else.

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And yes, I'm talking about the mod, you mentioned it on the comments of the main page. Quite alike from what you describe.

The man is in a room being talked to by a Dr, voice overs talking while you're doing all one point it's revealed you may have eaten your eyeballs.

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Tanshaydar Author

Erm... What's your point? Sorry, I couldn't get it :/
I played Korsakovia and I liked it very much. I gave it a '10'.
I personally follow Dan Pinchbeck. I agree with him in many of his views on gaming. I read his thesis, I'm waiting for his book, Dear Eshter's remake... Silent Hill: Shattered Memories has scenes that you talk to doctor...

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Now I'm confused and don't understand.


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I can't install the mod!

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