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Feminism Versus Men's Rights Movement
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ComradeWinston Creator
ComradeWinston Apr 13 2014 says:

They're both inherently stupid causes.

Feminism serves only the feminine and consists of people who call all men rapists, also occasionally supporting the modernist cult that is political correctness. And masculinism seems to be some awkward mixture of men who either play victim like feminists or are just reasonable guys countering crazy feminists.

How these idiots think supporting one half of the human race over the other will produce progress is beyond me. So as far as I'm concerned they can collectively go **** themselves.

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MattmanDude Creator
MattmanDude Apr 13 2014 replied: +3 votes   reply to comment
Cervi_Messias Creator
Cervi_Messias Apr 14 2014 replied:

It should be mentioned that the majority of feminists are not crazy rape accusers or victimization seekers.
Its just a very small, loud, and very annoying minority.
Feminism has and still is bringing us men lots of benefits. The greatest of which is that I now have to spend less, which is great because im a cheapskate.

The mens rights movement is only serving to give the crazies ammo and make them stronger.
basically they are making it worse for all of us.

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xxT65xx Apr 15 2014 replied:

I agree completely.

Edit: Replying to ComradeWinston

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Cpt.Dann Apr 13 2014 says:

It astounds me all the bad things going on while they're complaining about gender issues that don't exist.

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ComradeWinston Creator
ComradeWinston Apr 13 2014 replied:

Most issues are cultural and can't be reasonably solved through legal means. Even average income is probably related to jobs that can mostly only be performed by men and of course cultural things like women being the majority of nurses, which obviously don't get paid well. The only major legal women's rights problem left seems to be abortion.

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Kalga Creator
Kalga Apr 13 2014 says:

I think the conflict steams from a breakdown of communications and misunderstanding of intentions. Everyone really just wants equality, no more, no less. The sooner everyone gets it, the sooner the problem disappears.

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ComradeWinston Creator
ComradeWinston Apr 13 2014 replied:

*cough* Humanism *cough*

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Cervi_Messias Creator
Cervi_Messias Apr 14 2014 says:

Ok the mes right movement is retarded, the problems that they are working for are already covered by mainstream feminism.
yes they have afew good ideas but the problem is that they act as if men are being "damaged" by female progress.
the men's rights movement is an over reaction to a small but very loud movement of crazies that are hurting feminist causes as a whole.
it would be more productive for them to join with feminism and help to fix the problems- because the whole goal of feminism is just to be equal- that even covers female privilege (you talk to any mainstream feminist leader and they will tell you that they are working against those as well because they are negative in the long run. Now again their are some crazies (i know some personally) who really hate men but the majority don't.
plus you get alot more as a feminist then as a mens right activist.
being a mens rights activist is right after never bathing in best ways to never get laid again.

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Spudman619 Apr 15 2014 says:

Feminism has become a spiteful parody of what it should be thanks to the vocal minority that we all hear from. The MRM sounds like it was a parody from the start.

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The_Archduke_of_Hell Author
The_Archduke_of_Hell Apr 21 2014 says:

Feminism is just another spiteful interest group disguised as a "progressive movement", which probably explains why there are a fair amount of decent people that identify as feminists, alas they are still a minority, and none of which hold leadership roles. From what I've seen from Feminism, they are not interested in solving the issues of the other part of the population contrary to what Cervi said. They seem more interested in flaunting their faux victimhood and fighting non-existant issues, like the invisible empire that is "Patriarchy", or "Sexism in Media" for example.

Men's Rights Activists are the worst though, since they're too polite? I actually can't think of any bad things about them, besides being another interest group. The MRAs I've met and seen are pretty cool.

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Medusa_Zenovka Jul 19 2014 says:

I rather like to join the G.E.M. = Gender Equality Movement. Focusing on just one gender is just another form of facism to me.

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I'm sure by now all of you have heard of Feminism, and most if not all of you have heard of the MRM. If you haven't, here's a quick synopsis: Feminism is a social movement geared towards woman's rights and have been rather successful, and the MRM is a social movement for Men's rights that has pretty much gone completely unheard until recent years.

What are your opinions on these two groups of people?

Apr 13th, 2014
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