Founded by those who oppose the status quot, and defy the oppressive regime of the Empire. The Syndicate is a conglomeration of various organizations who have taken matters into their own hands, no longer willing to rely on the Jedi Order or the Federation to protect the galaxy from the likes of the Sith or Imperials. WIP

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The MT-10 is a modular tank developed by Union Military Industrial. It is a small, cheap and customizable tank that can be refitted to suit a variety of situations, and is usually operated by a droid brain. It is the most produced tank in the Union. 2 standard versions exist: The anti-infantry MT-10A is armed with a rotary laser cannon, and 2 light blaster turrets. The MT-10B is armed with a mass driver cannon and rocket launcher. The tank was designed to be fast and easy to field, though it can withstand fire from small arms, it only has light armor and shielding so it is weak against other tanks and anti-tank weapons. The MT-10 performs best when it is deployed in great numbers and is supported by infantry and other vehicles.

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